200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

Cleaned up my mess and found a way to display more.
coleman group d 19.jpg
Sunshine 532 lamp, Coleman 427, slant, 249 kerosene, 327, and 132A lamp. Wife's idea to put small shade on 132a looks like a granny wearing a nightcap.
aladdin top cabinet use 21.jpg
Aladdin lamps on top of china cabinet, majestic white moonstone 1935 to 1936, yellow vertique  1938, green quilt 1937, rose moonstone(pink) queen 1937 to 1938, tall lincoln drape alacite 1940 to 1949. My wife and I like lamp shades.
aladdin bottom 20.jpg
Chrome Model 12 1928-1935, white moonstone queen 1937-1939, green washington drape with filigree pedestal 1940, tall lincoln drape alacite 1940 to 1949, clear washington drape with plain pedestal 1941 to 1953, green washington drape with plain pedestal 1941 to 1942, brass model 23 1969 to present. The blue mantels are unfired, become white once used.
  aladdin top 17.jpg

Green washington drape with round base 1939, rose moonstone (pink) vertique 1938, white moonstone vertique 1938, green corinthian 1935, corinthian with black base a clear font 1936. This has a Brazil burner which is a hoot, every part of the burner is loose as a goose.

Only bought the green quilt and one of the alacite lamps off ebay. The rest were found at auctions, estate sales, and antique stores.  Thanks for looking,




Wow, Lee, all quite nice displays you have there! It's nice to hear that you and your wife both enjoy the shades; great to have another set of eyes looking, when you go to the places where such things are found.
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Beautiful collection!
Bob    ICCC #1574
Never, ever, leave behind a $5 lamp
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My Name Is Earl
Thanks for sharing .
Thanks guys,
with Aladdins have several choices,
1 ) collect only the font, can sell it that way
2) buy the rest of the parts of the lamps, the wick, burner, mantle, and chimney

I think I have enough of everything to run them all meaning they are all complete, which adds a lot of price to the lamps.

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