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Thought I would share a new find I got this past week.  It was a general Craigslist ad for camping equipment, but I noticed the 521 sitting in the middle of the equipment pile.  He was only asking $14 for it, but I got a couple other things (including a 1967 Sears catalytic heater) all for $35, so his bundle deal was a little lower than his individual item prices.

It is in reasonably good condition, and all I had to do was a little cleaning, refresh the fuel, and then fire it up.  It worked great!  I'm going to have to revisit the various seals since it really didn't hold pressure more than a few minutes before I had to pump it up again.  But other than that, it should be a great addition to the toy box.  😉

Coleman_521_01.jpg  Coleman_521_02.jpg  Coleman_521_Burning.jpg 
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Congrats on a sweet find!  Post a close up of the instructions if you can.  
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Looks noice
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That's sweet! I'm really loving the military burners. Not too many practical, everyday uses, but man do they put out the heat.

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Those look pretty neat. Sorta like a large fuel-capacity 520 without the pot supports. I think the 520 half-canister type fits over the burner. I almost bought one at auction once just so I could have the half-canister for my 1943 520. I've never seen one in person, but it seem like a good candidate to for a home-brew pot rack for the top and then use it for boiling water or making coffee.

Nice find.
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