200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

This Speedmaster was manufactured right after the war in the first half of 1946, so is still painted rather than nickel plated. It seems that some of these had heat shields that were painted black just as the ivory-colored stoves from before the war were. This one still had some black paint underneath the shield and on the generator support bracket, but none left on top. I painted the heat shield with high temp gloss black but it isn't as glossy as the original. It was an easy fettle as it was in good condition and never abused. I took the valve out to clean the F/A tube ad pricker cleaned the generator,gave it a new gasket, a new check valve and some pump oil and we were ready to light. This is my first Speedmaster, but they are very simple to work on.

Here is the bottom of the heat shield showing the original black paint


Thanks for looking!
Tim - ICCC Member #1217
very nice, great stoves

Mitakiuye Oyasin " All My Relations"
A good find!
Well Tim,
that is one fine stove, looks great and great flame..
Interesting that both Coleman plants (Canada and USA) had trouble getting "round" collars.
Seen that on quite a few 500s.

ThomasL:-Currently on the lookout for a Canadian(Read Toronto): L227or228 - Big Hat and 249
that is a fine stove and great job with it.
Lookin good!

This is one item I'd like to add to my collection one day.
- Call me Dave
Is the burner plate the right side up? I've acquired 500s with the "bump" up or down, no rhyme nor reason. I've assumed down is correct, but would love to be educated about this question.

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The bump on the plate goes down. 1283322958-500A__1_.jpg
I've wondered the same Angus.  Out of the half dozen I've handled, 5 had the bump down.  I've wondered if it was somehow thought to be an aid in 'centering' the burner rings or a well for preheating the generator.  I assemble them in the down position with a shrug of the shoulder and put fire to them.
Charlie  ICCC#1375
I'm mortified! This is my first 500 and I didn't even think to check and didn't recall how it was oriented when I dissassembled it. I'll fix that when I get home. The burner was in good shape and came apart without a struggle. I put a drop of Marvel Mystery oil on each screw when I assembled it, so it should come back apart easily.
Tim - ICCC Member #1217
I just finished restoring my own 500, and I inadvertently installed the burner top cap plate reversed, depression to the back.  This affects flame pattern, and that depression should be forward toward the knob - much better flame pattern that way.  I think intent is that the depression be used for filling with whatever you use for pre-heating.  That's certainly what I'm using it for, fill it with alcohol - ran mine outside today in -20C temp - Brrrr!  I use lots of priming paste under the generator to get things going in the cold.
Very nice job!
ICCC # 1402
The only green ones I've seen were later with the round grates.  That one looks so nice.  
Mark __________________________________________
I got lucky myself,  I just restored one  and got it right as your photo shows.  Mine also includes the heat drum   and I haven't seen any photos with this one.  I think it is missing a few parts.  but the stove part works great.  Mine was made in the USA  and a Model 500 A51   nice find


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