200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

I found this one this morning. I have it’s cousin a CL1/286A in Terry Marsh’s Collection. The guy looked about 70 yo but he said he was turning 80 yo this year and he still had his Harley in the garage. 
For some reason he told me that he hadn’t burned it in 14 years. It had good mantles on it, a small amount of fuel and it fired right up. 

Coleman made this A version of Model 286 in March 1986 but on the decal it is still  identified as Model CL1 as above. The A version includes a heat shield and lacks a frame and instead uses the burner assembly to support the vent and bail (right image). Note the “trough” around the mixing chamber that nests inside the ventilator and steadies it. The instruction sheet notes U.S. Patent No. 4,522,582. This patent is for a Schrader valve that regulates the fuel/air flow from the fount. The patent was granted on June 11, 1985. This lantern is in Greg Rubin’s collection.
ICCC # 1402
That's pretty interesting I must say. I have some of those cl1's and cl2's never paid much attention Greg. I must check them when I get off my comfortable lazy butt....🙂
ICCC # 1737
Excellent find  Greg. I have yet to come across one of those. 
That's a cool find Greg. Another hole in the collection has been filled.
Kansas John
Great looking lantern Greg!
John M. Lawrence, KS
ICCC #1431

Looking for a 214 kero and REI single burner anniversary stove as well as any Coleman born on date 10/77, 1/80
Cool find.  Good catch on what many would suppose to be just another lantern.
MILSPEC_OPS  #81   ICCC #1451
Looking for 11/88 & 1/69  Still Learning

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