200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

Sorry if I am late to the party but when did this happen?  When you go on their site it looks the same but now they list "Where to buy" instead of a price.  Too bad, when stuff was on sale you could really get a deal compared to the stores and even Amazon.
Kansas John

The change happened shortly before the beginning of the year I think.  It was originally discussed on here as a short term deal while Coleman sorted out its website issues.  

If you notice, OCP is listed as a site to buy from which is pretty cool.

John M. Lawrence, KS
ICCC #1431

Looking for a 214 kero and REI single burner anniversary stove as well as any Coleman born on date 10/77, 1/80
Yeah I talked with a coleman customer service rep about it, she said the change occurred in December of last year.  I don’t think it’s changing anytime soon.  
Parts only.

You can still buy new products.
Bruce Sheehe
ICCC #889 - Connoisseur of Time, Friends, Leisure, & Coleman   Altoona, PA - The Mountain City - Near The Eastern USA Continental Divide
Kansas John wrote:
If you notice, OCP is listed as a site to buy from which is pretty cool.

Thanks for mentioning that, John, what better middleman to support than Mike at OCP?
ICCC #1012
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