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Hey good people
Finally got the Canadian Coleman Solus kerosene stove burning properly.  Had to get a Primus Stove Flame spreader and pricker from the UK.  First attempt to light up was an adventure, big yellow flame, bubbles coming out of the tubes, would not stay lit, and then it sprayed a cloud of kero into the air.  Took is apart and did the blue lock tight thing. The nice pretty polishing job got kinda dirty during the teardown.  Finally today I had the time to give it a go.  It is loud!

Lit1 DSCN0001.jpg 

Lit2 DSCN0002.jpg 

Lit3 DSCN0003.jpg 

Here is a shot after cleaning up the brass a bit.  This little brass beauty is probably going to require a bit of regular polishing to keep it pretty.  So I am very happy today,  Now I will see if I can get some tent stakes bent into a pot holder
Nicely done! Love the roar when you give them a good pump up, and to simmer you just bleed pressure of through the air screw till you get the flame size down to what you want.
Some coat the fount with lacquer to protect the shine.
Good work getting the parts and reviving it!

Living and learning in NZ
Hoping to reach cognitive and emotional maturity before my children do.
Over polishing can wear off the letters on the tank eventually
Polish it up and apply a coat of Turtle Wax....

Let it burn....        
Don... Oregon
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