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I purchased this 237 from William "Majorman" here on the forum. The 237's I usually get are rusted out and the fount is squashed. William advised me that this one was nice, and so it is. A peek in the fount with my scope showed-silver! I usually paint these but this one looked so nice I just blew it out, replaced the cap seal and generator, and did my lathe polish trick on the valve spindle, so it turns easily and does not leak. I also added a 635 heat shield which I bought from Mike. I like them because they fit perfectly and catch most of the corrosive burn residue.
Most of my Canadian 237's have a brown bakelite valve knobs. Not this one, it has a jet black knob. Square valve shaft of course.
I have a burn vent for this, so I fired it up. The sunshine globe was in my parts box, it has a nice bold sunshine and quite a few mantle burns. This lantern is dated 8-46. Hope you like it.
237 8-46 stock (2).jpg 237 8-46 stock (3).jpg 237 8-46 stock (5).jpg 237 8-46 stock (8).jpg 237 8-46 stock (9).jpg237 8-46 stock (1).jpg 
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That's a great looking lantern, Dan, quite nice! [Smilie5]
William's a real good guy to deal with; I've bought both my Canadian 236s from him, one in person.  I met him at the 2015 Convention, and couldn't resist the "imports" he brought along.
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That's a nice seafoam 237, Dan. Good idea putting a heat shield on it to catch the burn debris.
My D/46 seafoam 237 also has a black valve wheel.

Looks like you have a nice crop of citrus there as well. They grow well in So Cal. We saw some huge citrus orchards in the Bakersfield area of CA.
We lost all our oranges here this year to the Sulphur - Crested Cockatoos'. They don't eat the citrus flesh but tear it completely apart to eat only the seeds.

That’s a beauty for sure Dan ! Congrats !

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I do like the sea foam color! That is a nice 237 for sure. 
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Very nice Seafoam.  The heat shield is a slick addition.
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Very nice lantern there. Also really like the idea of that heat shield! 


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Wow that thing is in beautiful shape with all the original patina! Glad you didn't repaint it 🙂 

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 Anyone have a 6/95 birthday lantern?
Looks like you have a nice crop of citrus there as well.

I have Myers lemons, Bearss limes, and tangerines. I had a plum tree but it has become diseased. My house was built on an old bridle trail that was lined with fruit trees. On my neighbor's side of the fence was an apricot tree, and several grape vines.
We've been invaded by several species of wild parrots. One particular bird; the "Mexican red head" according to Steve, can strip a citrus tree in about half an hour.
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Beautiful paint in that one. Nice clean up. You mentioned the date us 8/46, could it be “B/46”

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Beautiful paint in that one. Nice clean up. You mentioned the date us 8/46, could it be “B/46”

Yes it absolutely could be. But they used both letters and numbers on these lanterns. It's shelf mate is a 2-47. Also have a 47-2 and an A-47. I think they had two different lines each doing their own thing.
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That’s a good looker, Dan. Very nice.

— L.J.
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I'm trying to remember why I sold that one 😲

Glad you're happy with it!
WTB or trade for poultry or USFS.

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