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I am relatively new to the site and this is my first table lamp. I appears to be a Canadian-made model 168K with a 9-45 date stamp. I read what I could find in prior forum posts and just want to make sure that I am on the right track:

1) This would use an R55 generator and can use kero or CF? If using kero, there may be a restrictor somewhere in the air tube? Anyone know where or how to find out for sure? I'd prefer to use CF since that's what everything else I have uses (so far). Maybe I just try it with CF and see how it runs?

2) This uses an external pump to pressurize the fount, which I can probably pick up from OCP. I have also been thinking about getting a later model fuel cap that has a schrader valve so I can try it out on a couple of my lanterns. Would that cap work on a lamp like this?

3) Does it look like all of the parts are there? From what I've read, this would need to be preheated regardless of fuel choice. Would that explain why there is no FA tube? I don't want to try firing this up and finding out the hard way that something is missing and I have a bomb on my hands.

Anything else I need to think about?

Thanks in advance!! 0312181052a.jpg  0312181052.jpg  0312181053.jpg  0312181053a.jpg
Steve Kowalski

I only ever use my 168K with CF. I've never tried it with kero. The r-55 gen is correct.

As for correct parts, the shade holder you have is used for a glass shade. The 168k would have had a 355 glass globe and parchment shade. Your shade holder wouldn't work with that globe. The correct shade holder is not easy to find so I bought the Amish shade holder from OCP for mine. That allows me to install a 220 sized globe on it.

The fount would have originally been the same shade of green as the bottom. Too bad that paint is missing. :-(

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Thanks for the input Shane. I guess I'm not too upset about the non-originality of this. I bought it because it was a GPA that looked cool and I really like the glass shade. I will clean it up and see if I can get it running on CF. 0312181241.jpg 
Steve Kowalski
Looks good Shane! A rubber tip on an air compressor (turned down to 20 psi range) will work too!
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Although I don't see a preheat cup, the stamping on the bottom indicates Kerosene. If you see 'dimples" on the air tube it will be a kerosene model.
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you might want to get a 201 preheat cup and put it on the R55. to make light ups easier then if you decide to run Kero in it...
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They’re great lamps. I have a couple and I run them on Kero. I just made a peheat cup with a 3/4” Copper pipe end and a piece of 3/8” tubing brazed to the pipe end. I know they run just as well on CF. Click image for larger version - Name: 19A55B54-FFD5-4254-950B-34B97F4157B1.jpeg, Views: 96, Size: 69.60 KB

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