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Got a ONCE used coleman camp oven # 5010c700, decided I need to test the door thermometer as part of my Florida pre hurricane prep....I know most pre installed door/grill/smoker thermometers are usually "bundled" junk....I was right...I had 275F on the Coleman door thermo, and my oven/smoker thermo inside was 500F.
Has anyone installed a non powered thermometer in the door of these ovens that was close to rack temps? If so, what was the setup please. 
There's so limited space in these that I dont wanna have to have a oven thermo on the rack, was thinking maybe a thermometer that had a pliable probe or even slightly longer probe..
 So upon further testing it appears the stock door thermometer is VERY close to half temp...
Door in F.       Oven thermo inside on rack
160F.              325F
175F.              350F
200F.              400F

Mine goes to 200 and stops. I use a probe-type BBQ thermo in mine.
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florida grown
Yeah I could use one, just was hoping someone found one that fit the door and was accurate
My door gauge was way off. 250 on the door, 385 on the new thermo. Gonna use it a few more times before I try something else.
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Mine is like yours-- door thermo reads just about half of actual oven temp.  I can live with that.

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