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Hey good people
Last week the boss and I did our annual classic rock festival in northern Minnesota. Three things I'm good at, camping, drinking, and rock and roll.  This is really luxurious camping, we bring a lot of gear.  Thought you all might like a few breakfast pics.
An alliance of AGM, Coleman, and Griswold.  Blueberry waffles and coffee for breakfast.

The mighty 413D and blueberry muffins.  I put a few chunks of firebrick in the oven to even out the heat.
Nice to see your setup, Bill; the breakfast sounds great, especially the blueberry waffles & muffins.
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fuel brained
I do coffee and homemade cinnamon rolls. Love the stove. 413D??
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The Coleman coffee maker-I had 1 once. 
The stove in the 1st photo is a American Gas Machine Kampkook LCS-21, and the 2nd photo is a 413D.  Both of them are excellent stoves.  The large surface of the Coleman lends itself to large pots/ pans and ovens.  The KampKook with is heavy iron burners is a real flame thrower, and makes the coffee pot brew quickly.  I only cooked a few meals, my wife did most.  She is an excellent cook.
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