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Hello. Is anybody familiar with this maker?. I have never heard of it. Camel Manufacturing Company Knoxville, Tennessee. It seems like only Military and commercial stuff now. It's all there and in decent condition. Thanks.
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Yes.. my brother and I each had a camel tent when we were kids camping. My parents were in the Jayco and we were in our ⛺️. It actually looks a lot like this little tent emoji... ⛺️.. 6 inch sides , a frame.. 2 poles for front and back. I’ll try and find a pic. What I do remember most is the logo of the camel... I always equated that to the cigarette brand because my dad used to smoke..
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Nice. Hopefully good memories in your Camel tent.
Camel canvas tents were fairly popular for family camping in the 60's and 70's.  Not sure how long they made tents or if they're even still in business.
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My uncle gave me a Camel tent back in the sixties and it became the primary weekend residence for my skiing trips to Lake Gaston (NC/VA) over several years.  I remember it having a considerable number of poles and being a bear to erect until someone came up with the idea of color coding them with tape.  Not sure of the size but it was large enough for four guys to sleep in.  I still have the bright yellow Schlitz logo'd Igloo cooler that kept our beer cold, the church key needed to open them and the kerosene wick lantern that provided light for our evening poker games.  But have no recollection of what we cooked on or even if we did.  Maybe the adage 'Man cannot live on beer alone' is not entirely true.  Anyway, thanks for bringing back some old memories.              
Thanks for the replies everyone. It was nice to read your recollections of the Camel tents. Info is scarce on this brand it seems, but your responses have definitely given me something.
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One of the org factories was in Seymour, Tn.  Just south of Knoxvegas.
Originally a military contractor for tents and truck tarps. They also supplied circus and revival type tents. At one time they employed over 400 folks.
After the War, As the interstate system was completed and the population started traveling across the country, The outdoor camping, traveling craze erupted. It was natural to move over to the civilian market. Good place to work locally, and had some benefits. 
 Sometimes in the early 80's the company was sold and slowly started shutting down. Some ,if not most production was moved to ,you guessed it, CHINA. With the invent of lightweight poly materials, the canvas tent market disappeared kinda fast.
 The company was revived and has a facility in Caryville that still makes tents for the U.S. Government.
 Way back then. the company had a surplus/outlet store across Chapman Hwy. from the factory.  As a young man, I drooled over the demos and displays in that store many times. A lot of my friends and myself had Camel tents just cause they were made local and could be bought there. And were cheaper than Mail order.
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In the late 60's we had a small Camel pop up trailer that we enjoyed camping trips with. The tent part was heavy canvas and held up great, the rest was very simple...two fold out double beds was all it had but boy did we have some great memories in that little trailer. We towed so much we nicknamed it "Papoose"!

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