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Hi all,


This is my latest lamp restoration, a Bré (Bregier, Deligne & Cie) French company pressure table lamp.

Probably late 1920,s to around 1930. There is a problem with only a few papers for this company, so not much information here, I´m sorry.  

I've got several Bré GPA,s and two of them I have managed to identify; the 1930,s Bré No, 130 lamp and the No. 542 Bré radiator heater.

This comes from 1930 Bré catalogue and I think my lamp is maybe a bit earlier; a different font and a brass ornament cowl crown indicating

mid to late 1920,s. There are patents from the Bré company already in 1914 for the pricker needle system still used for this lamp, so it is a bit

hard to point out the production year for this lamp.

The same burner as on my other HW and table lamps, so probably 200 CP output,  as said for the No.130 lamp.



Bre table lamp x.jpg   Bre table lamp parts.jpg 

Bre table font pump and original mantle.jpg  Bre table fuel control and burner and cowl.jpg 

Bre table fuel control and burner.jpg  Bre table fuel control.jpg 

Bre table lamp manometer.jpg  Bre table lamp original  mantle with mantle holder.jpg 
Bre table lamp burner  parts.jpg 
Bre table lamp burner.jpg 

Bre table lamp jet and cleaning needle tip.jpg   Bre lamp cowl with original mantle.jpg 

Bre table lamp with original mantle.jpg   Bre tablelamp lit mantle.jpg   Bre table lamp lit.jpg    

1914 French Bré patent for a cleaning needle system, still on this lamp and with a lever through a metal membrane.....
FR477503A3 kopiera.jpg 

a 1930 catalogue  with two of my Bré GPA.s ...the 130 lamp and the 542 radiator...………. Bre 130 and 542  lamp and radiator.jpg 

….and all my Bré lamps and radiator...……..
Bre lamps and radiator x.jpg 

Great pictures and information

I always look forward to your posts

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Thanks a lot Ago! Hope all is well in Canada!

Beautiful restoration and wonderful collection, Conny. Very nice detailed pictures of the lamp. Conny, the quality of you work never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for sharing!
You are such a master of restoration, Conny.  I'm always impressed!
Something strikes me with many of the early lamps, about how they made a fairly simple concept for the lamp into a work of art.  This piece is so beautiful.  Even down to the lettering on the pressure gauge.  All class.

Thanks for another great resto story!
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Absolutely stunning Conny.  Thank you for posting.  Dean stated it well how these lamps are turned into a work of art.


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Simple beautiful
Like always 👍👍👍👍

Fernando Alicea
steve p
Thank you sharing your restoration photos Connie. Another beautiful outstanding lamp!


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Absolutely beautiful 👍
very classy.
I'm not a lamp person or even a serious collector, but that lamp is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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Edeka boy
Simply Beautiful and a very smart restoration. 
Fantastic as always, Conny!
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Excellent, what a wonderful lamp...as always.
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