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Hi All

Had a visit with the lamp legend Neil Macrae recently & he kindly gave me a few "projects" to have a play with , the first being this unmarked base BQ possibly pre 1924 model which had been butchered by some fool for electrcikery with a great gash of a hole made by drilling & the original base nut drilled through too!

I cleaned up the larger of the three holes with a Dremmel type tool & a mini cutting disc to an oblong shape & chamfered the edges , the hole below this one which was countersunk slightly.

The small hole was tackled first by turning a brass top hat shaped plug on the lathe the same size as the offending hole & brazing a length of mig wire to smaller end of it , then passing the wire through the big hole & up into the small one from the inside allowing me to pull the well fluxed plug into place & soft solder it carefully without doing any damage elsewhere.

The drilled base nut was tapped M8 & a threaded brass plug was screwed in to seal it before soft soldering.

The large hole was cleaned inside & out as best i could with steel wool & the Dremmel then an oversiszed well fluxed brass plate with a stainless rod brazed vertically to its centre was slipped into the hole , the rod allowing me to hold the plate in the correct place to flood it with soft solder to seal the edges properly.

The filler cap was chewed up really badly & i machined a new hex surround which was soldered into place too & easier to seal up with a spanner! The large pump was found at a boot/garage sale & made to supliment my Coleman ones using this is so much easier just four pumps & your there , the adapter uses a Primus NRV threaded fitting which screws into most Coleman filler caps like this!

Well thats enough guff here are the pics , enjoy!

Click image for larger version - Name: DSCF8577-min.jpg, Views: 127, Size: 127.96 KB Click image for larger version - Name: DSCF8575-min.jpg, Views: 125, Size: 138.08 KB
Click image for larger version - Name: DSCF8580-min.jpg, Views: 125, Size: 91.46 KB Click image for larger version - Name: DSCF8581-min.jpg, Views: 128, Size: 63.34 KB Click image for larger version - Name: DSCF8584-min.jpg, Views: 127, Size: 172.94 KB Click image for larger version - Name: DSCF8585-min.jpg, Views: 125, Size: 84.33 KB Click image for larger version - Name: DSCF8587-min.jpg, Views: 126, Size: 143.95 KB
S'pose he's out in the shop fettling another lamp or stove again!!!

Looking for a 12/64 birthday lamp[Yeah]
Dean Dorholt
That is some nice work there!
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Looking for a 2-60  Birthday Lantern
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Very nice work!!
Mike Wells
E Bay user name whitegas5152
ICCC # 1038
Very nice!  Good job on bringing it back from a terrible fate!  I'd like to run across one of those some day.
Wynn - xvz12

MilSpecOps Syndicate #77
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Looking for almost anything kero...[wink]
That is some very nice work. It looks like it was an exercise in determination! I'm glad it came to someone with the skill set to bring her back!
Albertville, Al.
Well done!  That BQ definitely deserved a rebirth

Mark __________________________________________
Nice job on bringing it back!
ICCC # 1402
Beautiful job - or should I say the master fettler strikes again!! A nice way to rescue an uncommon lamp.
Well fettled, Stu! She lives again. You give us hope that other vandalized founts can also be resurrected!

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Good save Stu,glad to see you are still hard at it!
No honey its not another lamp,just parts for one I already have. ICCC #1479
Thanks for the comments guys it was nearly a lost cause in Neil's scrap pile & I needed to make a start posting again , but "Never give up , never surrender" , that Tim Allen has a lot to answer for!!!

Tony , yes had a few years in the background but am slowly finding my feet again after family bereavement & hope to get back in the swing properly later this year.

S'pose he's out in the shop fettling another lamp or stove again!!!

Looking for a 12/64 birthday lamp[Yeah]

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