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I have two of these Brinkmann Propane lanterns, one of the chrome versions and this one. I decided to do a modification on this one, as I do not like the l@@k of the green tank, on any of my propane lanterns. The Brinkmann lanterns are a very bright dual mantle lantern that offer a spark ignition and an adjustable reflector...



Turning 180 degree lighting to 360 degree, with a flip of a lever...


Never happy with the tank l@@k, I went with an old idea that I have used countless times here before, on many projects....

By using a piece of scrap 4 inch PVC, I was able to fabricate a sleeve that the tank slips into.Tank holds sleeve firmly, when tank is snugged into base.





Fully assembled with PVC sleeve and burning bright!


Like a moth at night, I am attracted to the light!..7/7/1964...Russ, from Missouri..
I like that adjustable reflector, pretty cool design!
Those are cool lanterns. Great idea Russ for the canister cover and great job making it and posting details

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Thanks guys! Very well built, heavy lanterns. Yes, the reflectors were a cool selling feature. Fuel valve is graduated and goes from dim to very bright when, rotated. Never cared for exposed tanks, on any propane lanterns and often pass on ones that have them. I found that many of these propane lanterns are easier started by holding them, upside down while igniting. This gets rid of the gas buildup and the loss of knuckle hair when it finally ignites...campinut...

Like a moth at night, I am attracted to the light!..7/7/1964...Russ, from Missouri..
That's a cool looking lantern, Russ.  I don't recall seeing one of those before.  Neat presentation, and the black tank cover makes it look great!
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Hi I have a Crome one what is the value of them 
Brennan wrote:
Hi I have a Crome one what is the value of them 

Hello and welcome, Marvin.  You would do best to start a new topic, especially to introduce yourself.
Also, we don't give out values here, but you might try a search of completed listings on the 'bay.  Your description is quite vague; have any details? We could at least identify it for you.  It would be nickle plated, as well, not chrome.
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Nice idea to hide the tank. Reflectors are really cool too. 
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