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IMG_9085.jpg Trail starts out up an old mining road.....a customer of mine says he was the last person to drive up to the lake in an army jeep. Could be, he had good tales to tell of his adventures as a younger man.  He was 89 yo at the time, and when 89yo tells you something you just nod and look impressed.
IMG_9086.jpg  Then more of a trail. This is a convoluted thing that crosses old two-track mining roads and skid roads.  Would be easy to take a wrong turn. Good thing Kirby knows the way. And he waits for me.
IMG_9088.jpg  Still a half mile to go. At least it is firm enough to walk on, but dang slick, and almost too hard to kick toe holes into. Could have used my cramp-ons I haven't carried for a decade.

IMG_9091.jpgIMG_9096.jpg  We made it.
IMG_9099.jpg  And we found some bare ground to dry out a bit.
IMG_9104.jpg  On the way out
IMG_9106.jpg  Soon....
IMG_9105.jpg  Stopped for coffee on the way down. This is a Pac-Cook I got a few weeks ago.
IMG_9087.jpg  HIllside is full of old mine adits. The big mine was on the hillside you can just see across the valley.
 Took my rod but never got it out, so no fish harmed in this adventure. next time.
You and the babies have some great adventures Keith!
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Thanks Keith, quite a bit of snow there.
I don't have a Fishing License, so didn't wet a line yesterday.  A couple guys fished, one guy caught six or more Rainbos, landing only one in his net which he released.
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Sierra Roadrunner
That looks a little chilly but that is some awesome scenery. 

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Yet another nice hike with great pictures from you, Keith.  I have to be honest and say that snow looks refreshing, as it's really getting to be like summer here lately.  I would have enjoyed that place...
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The Warrior
Beautiful area, thanks for sharing.
Thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading these kind of posts about peoples trips or hikes.
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Neat hike!
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Great pictures Keith, I would love to hike on those kind of trails. Nice companion too 🐕 and the pak-cook 235 👍 enjoy nature while we are all here 🌎...
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Where is that hike?  Looks like beautiful scenery!!
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Great looking pictures of a beautiful area. I love my Appalachian mountain home. But those western mountains look gorgeous. Definitely on my bucket list to visit. 
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@Recoil, this is the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness in the NW corner of MT.
Cool looking area and nice pictures, Keith.  Had to do a little research after seeing the road and you mentioning that it was a wilderness area.  Sounds like your customer took his drive to the lake prior to 1964 when the area was designated a wilderness area.
Majicwrench wrote:
@Recoil, this is the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness in the NW corner of MT.

Due north from there in the same range is Canmore, Alberta.  Thats our summertime destination each and every year.  Plenty of hikes and they usually look much like yours!  Great countryside.  Thanks.
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Always enjoy your posts!  

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