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Sorry to hear of Bob's passing. He will be missed on the forum.
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Condolences for you and the family, Marisa. 
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My condolences though I never met your husband sounds like a truly good man
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Looking for any lanterns or stoves dated 5/63 or 1/72
I am so terribly sorry to hear this. Bob was one of those guys that I would love to have met and knew that he would become a fast friend just from reading his posts. Our condolences, E.
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sorry to hear. sending prayers.
Im so very sorry. Please pray and know he is and will always be with you. He has left his mark here and in the hearts of many here. May you be in peace knowing he is waiting patiently for you. You have him as your hope and insperation as you carry on. Peace be with you and Bob. DREAM BIG with him, he will love that.
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Lighting one for you both tonight. I am truly sorry for your loss.....
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Rest in peace Bob. You will be missed...!

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Don... Oregon
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I Never met Bob but he helped me with his knowledge  early on and obviously he made a big impression in the fine group here Says a lot for him. So sorry to hear of your loss, Prayers for you and your family. rest in peace. 
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My condolences and prayers.
I'm am so sorry.  Prayers for comfort to you and the rest of his loved ones and friends.  Just seeing this today but will light up a recently repaired lantern tonight in his honor.
Not just another pretty face.
Bob will definitely be missed on the forum.  God Speed.
Bruce Sheehe
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Very sorry to hear this. I always enjoyed his conversation.
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A huge shout out to everyone for there kind words.  The outpouring of support that I have received from this group has been overwhelming; I now see why Bob truly loved this group. Today, as I was looking at all of his lanterns, stoves, spare parts; I became emotional as I could picture him at his workbench working on a lantern.  Once he finished fixing the lantern he would light it up and beam with pride.  In Bob's honor I am going to continue looking at this forum as there appears to be great topics🙂 Again, thank you everyone and I look forward to reading the various posts, who knows I may become the next Bob😇.  Only kidding  I do not have the talent that Bob had.
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I'm not on here a lot and know I'm more than fashionably late, but.. I lit up the only 3 lanterns I own after reading this. 
 while lit, I also had to reflect that I have no siblings, no wife, no children...the only lantern lit for me will be the next sunrise. I am so sorry for your loss and wish that the many memories with him will be a beacon and a solid rock in your life.

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