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Thomas,  Thank you for posting those links.  I sure like the looks of the green 229 for the Japanese market.  Wish it was still available in the US!  I'd like to know why Coleman doesn't sell that model here anymore.  Any guesses?

I got my package of 009  silicone O rings but have not had time to work on it.  Hoping to get it completed this weekend.  
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Just found this on Amazon UK! (Was looking at the 639C on Amazon USA - not available thru Amazon.ca!)


a 226, but it's not cheap!

Makes one wonder, if Coleman(Global) is discriminating against North America. 

ThomasL:-Currently on the lookout for a Canadian(Read Toronto): L227or228 - Big Hat and 249
The part number I gave from this earlier post is incorrect.  I should have dug in a little more.  The McMaster Carr rep on the phone said what I ordered was the blue high temp O rings but when they arrived it was standard silicone.  My mistake.  

Here is the correct part number for blue flourosilicone O rings 

8333T119   size 009

8333T117   size 007

package of 5 for $2.25

Catalog LINK

Flat_twin wrote:
Hey Curly,
   The two O rings in the 229  valve are the same size.  One is high temp and the other is not.  I found a good set of calipers and measured them this morning.  I've placed an order with McMaster Carr.

For anyone who's interested, the O rings  measure  

ID  7/32

OD  11/32

Width or thickness  1/16

Price is $3.48 pkg.  I'll post back when I get these and verify that it is exactly what I need. I should have them in a day or two.  McMaster Carr is near Cleveland

The part number from McMaster Carr is


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Sorry folks, I fixed my broken photo links.
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I don't care how old this thread is. I have to post and archive this thread for reference. There is a tremendous amount of very good info here concerning the 229 (which I have) and o-rings associated with it.

Thanks to all those members who have contributed to this thread with valuable info.

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Hello community.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the information in this thread! I'm a newbie to posting at the forum but long-time consumer of information.

I recently picked up my first Easi-Lite (Brown Canadian 222 built 7/83) for next to nothing on Craigslist and as expected the O-rings are going to need replacing because it won't shut off. I wouldn't have known that if it weren't for this thread, so THANK YOU!! There's plenty of information here about which O-rings to purchase, but everyone refers to Roland Chevalier's "Canadian Easi-Lite Valves" thread to show how to take apart/ID the valves. Unfortunately none of the pictures are available and I'd really like to get some idea of what I'm working with before I start to take things apart.

It looks like the pictures were originally hosted at photobucket and are no longer there. It was over 7 years ago when they were posted, so that's not surprising. Based on the year of my lantern I'm not sure if I have what he calls "#4 – Simplified Valve (2,77)" or "#5 – Common Simple Valve (1,82)". I don't see "222A" anywhere on the lantern so I assume it's a 222, but the years he lists for the models doesn't correlate with my manufacture date. All the more reason I want pictures to help guide me.

I sent Roland a PM but it's been a while and he hasn't responded. I'm hoping that someone has download those pictures and could either send me the relevant pictures, or better yet update the original post so that others can see them again.

I just discovered these Easi-lites and plan on picking up a couple more if they become available (for the right price). Having reference pictures of the different iterations/valves will be extremely helpful for me, and anyone else starting to play with these super-cool mini-lanterns. Especially true since the O-rings will inevitably need to be replaced in any of these lanterns.

Thanks a million to all of you that post!
Ronnie in California
I refer to this post constantly! and it is 8 years old! Paul
So sorry I don't have those pics anymore.  That was my thread from 2013,  glad the collective info it generated survives.   
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The 222 series are very sought after., In my opinion, they are very useful, camping fishing and hunting. Strange  to me. but there are more parts available for 200A and older than these little gems. 😕
@ronnie9999 are you just looking for photos or O-ring sizes or, what? I could re-post some photos here, but I have a bunch over here: https://sklcolorado.wordpress.com/2019/12/04/coleman-222-lantern-late-model-rebuild/ for 222, but also for 222A, 222B and 226. Like you, I started getting into these within the last several years and have noticed the prices going up too. I have a 229 but haven't needed to disassemble it yet. The O-rings seem to be only a few sizes as you'll see. The blue Flourosilicone O-rings can be found at McMaster-Carr They are quite a bit more expensive than the Viton O-rings.

@yarddog59 I have used my 222 during a car camping trip, however if I was going somewhere where I want light for 5 hours or so and to light up a large space I bring a 220/228/290 2-mantle lantern. As a backpacker, I never even considered getting one of these little guys. That being said, I wish I'd have bought a couple new ones over the last 35 years! I think I have seven different ones and I've seen at least that many more I don't have.  
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I have  had your  ski colorado rebuild of the 222 saved in my favorites!  Great to post the link, as it is a very well done instructional. 
I was able to get a  NOS 222 generator from Fourscoot. When I replace the 226 envy with the 222 genie, we will see what happens.

I also use a 220F and a 220K when car camping with my camping , fly fishing and bowhunting buddies. For a fly hike or bow hunt the 22 series is awesome. 
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