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I'm a proud new owner of my first b-day lantern, thanks to a fellow forum member who happened to have a 200A in my month and year.  The lantern was sight unseen, though well described, and for a more than fair price.  It arrived on my doorstep late yesterday.

As received it was more than expected:


It was a little sooty and looked like it had a pretty good fireball at some point in its past ... which gives it some character.

Indeed, the MIC globe attests to a previous fiery event:

It looks like there is a crack in the lower part, but it is just an optical illusion of the lower rim of the opposite side of the globe.  The globe is intact.

Further evidence of a fireball is the partly melted valve wheel, visible here with the valve assembly removed:


Overall, the lantern is in great condition and required only a minor cleanup.  The frame, vent, globe and fount were all washed.  The fount got an application of Blue Magic as did the valve brasswork.  The pump needed some oil and the check valve was pulled just for good measure and given a dose of carb cleaner.  It rattled more audibly after that than it did when it first came out of the fount.

The generator was toasty inside and out, the pricker rod was black but cleaned up easily with steel wool.  The generator was flushed with carb cleaner.  The F/A tube rod required a few rounds of steel wool to work properly along with a little spring stretching.  It wasn't popping up well when the valve was opened all the way, but eventually everything was cleaned well enough for it to function correctly.

The inside of the fount was really clean and I just rinsed it with a little CF, no BB dance required.

Everything was reassembled and preliminary air tests were done and it was ready to set fire to the thing:


So outside to the patio we went to burn in the mantle and then light off the lantern.  After the mantle was cool it lit right off and settled into a really smooth burn.  I let it run 20 mins or so to burn in the mantle and it made a nice photo setting in the fall afternoon:


It's kind of nice that it has a MIC globe as this can become an immediate user, I don't have to fret over an original, correct globe when out snow shoveling in the dark.  A later project may be to remove the MIC markings.

So there it is, my b-day 200A, both of us born in the same month and year.  Too cool.  Just had to share.
DougA  ... fettler and keeper of a family collection of nickel: a 249, a pair of 237s, and a 1938 228B, along with a late 1979 red 200a.  Then two more turned up, a 1941 243A and a 1944 242C, and now there's a b-day 200A lantern, too!.
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Very nice job.
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That's a nice one. The MIC globes never bothered me much. I like any globe, as long as it has a logo. Any logo. The more writing on the logo, the better. But that's just my preference.
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The little red beauty has found it’s rightful home. Thanks for sharing!! I’m hoping I can find my birthday in a 200A as well.
I forgot to mention that I also had to replace the fuel cap gasket, but that is a "goes without saying" kind of thing with these things.

@Smudge I don't mind the Coleman logo on these MIC globes, I just don't like all the other writing.  On a MIC globe I have on my 242C I was able to mask the logo and remove the other writing.  I will probably do that on this one, too.
DougA  ... fettler and keeper of a family collection of nickel: a 249, a pair of 237s, and a 1938 228B, along with a late 1979 red 200a.  Then two more turned up, a 1941 243A and a 1944 242C, and now there's a b-day 200A lantern, too!.
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Nice b-day lantern!  Sometimes a frosted globe looks good on a 200A.
Very nice resto, Doug!


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I really favor the red 200a lanterns.  Nice job on the resto, I like its character!


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Nice job and pretty red shines beautifully. 
I really enjoyed the walk through of you birthday lanterb project man.
It's nice to share the work when we get an important piece and treat it with so much care.thanks for sharing.
Stoves are used more often than lanterns when camping, just face it!
Very nice B-day lantern.  Enjoy!
- Courtenay
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Looks great,
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Well done, looks great!
Regards, Ed
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Nice job on the cleanup, it's a beauty! The burnt valve wheel tells a story... [smile]
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