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I'm doing a custom and am looking for a better paint than VHT flame proof header paint. I used heat shock and a glass bead blaster at work to successfully strip away ALL the remaining porcelain off a thrashed 242 hat.  It was actually easy, but time consuming.  I tried some VHT red header paint (not my desired color, but I had it and needed to test the paint) and after curing it per the instructions, it turned black on my test fire.  So after blasting that off, I'm ready to try again. I know I could have IPE do it, but I kinda want to do it myself.  I'm looking for a Ford blue or pure white header paint. I might do a dual color. Anyone know of a better brand paint?  Or, anyone have a blue hat they'd sell me?
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In case you're not aware, with the exception of SMP's military lanterns years ago, vents are not painted but have porcelain (glass) applied.  IPE strips and then applies a new porcelain coat to vents.   If you can find a paint that won't darken or otherwise change color, I think we'd all like to know,


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Unless your header paint will protect up to around 1200 deg.F, you're going to get a flat finish, not gloss. Maybe you know that. 

There is a "High Heat Utra" black high temp paint that says it is semi-gloss and protects up to around 1100 deg. F:

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There's a reason all the factories used porcelain instead of paint. Paint would have been much less expensive and a simpler finish but it just doesn't work.
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