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49 years old this month!
Searching for a 8 72 lantern and/or 2 68.....

About to hit my 69th year, actually, middle age.  I’ve been afflicted with lampitis for 6 years. 

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35! started last year when I was 34. My grandpa gave my dad his 200a and we used that when I was a kid out camping. Fast forward a couple decades and I found it cleaning out the garage. Fettled it for a while, got it running, and got the bug. Now I have about 50 and a stack of stoves. 


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Add me in - 63 (not entirely sure how that happened!)
About 20 years of collecting/accumulating/enabling
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I am 71.  I can't remember how many years of collecting but have enjoyed GPA's all of my life.  When my wife asks how much I have again I can't remember.  It is more than I need but great to play with and I have to buy more.
I am 76. My introduction to Coleman lanterns and stoves was in the late '40s. My uncle had a stove, a cast iron griddle, and two 228 lanterns that he used at a family gathering each year. In the mid-'50s, my uncle had a 413E stove that he later passed to my dad. I have it now. I am less a collector and more into preparedness. A few decades ago we had a major power failure. I was okay. We had my stove and 220E lantern, and 3 wickie lamps. I made up my mind that I would have a Coleman lantern for every room in my home. I wanted real light. Not carrying candles, flashlights, and such around.

53 today, been going to gatherings and collecting about 5 or 6 years now, been using Coleman since boy scouts.

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52 New to the hobby. 
David J Rynne jr.
Recoil wrote:
49 years old this month!

Well well well.....i must correct myself.  Had my birthday yeaterday and was so pleasantly surprised when my wife corrected me and said I was "only" 48!!!  Thought for sure I was 49.  Just gained a full year!!!!
Searching for a 8 72 lantern and/or 2 68.....
56 nearing 57
collecting GPA’s since 2014
had a few propane lanterns and a stove for years prior to that.
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25 and i've been collecting since mid 2017

I know when i was more active, i remember only 2-3 people around my age.
Recently i've sold & helped restore pieces for friends.. and now they use them.

My friends used to think i was a bit weird buying these old pieces, but after they see a 90 year old lantern running bright. They realize why people collect or use them still.

Videos like this sure help.. 

◢◤ Dylan Hayden - Esterhazy, Sk. ◢◤

My yet to be obtained birthday lantern is a 6-58, you do the math.  I guess the bug bit me back in the 80’s with a hand-me-down 530 pocket stove.  Then got the fever about 20 years ago after inheriting several Coleman gpas and wanting to get them working.  I stumbled on this site about 4 years ago and discovered I was not alone and now it seems gpas stick to me like burrs.  Lately I’ve had to become more selective due to lack of storage space.
Rob in NC
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Sometimes we are the windshield, Sometimes we are the bug...
73 next month. Camping & fishing with my Dad and Coleman since I was 5. 
Not looking for anything. I have too much already, my wife says. 

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