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Here is the weather prediction for around here. Record heat and snow 2 days later!!! That's Colorado.
Second pic is the red orange sunrise through the window on my 220D. Blurry, but I had to hurry and shoot hand held without flash. Amber glow from smoke all day. Can smell it indoors and is dense across the street. Gotta harvest the garden... Armageddon ho!
The Year The Earth Stood Still.
Gort, klaatu barada nikto barengi dingas.

Update: 5pm, 97 in Denver (record), burnt pine needles and ash coming down and getting on the vehicles. Big fire north, Cameron pass.
Devil Lantern
And the Cub Cadet is ready to plow. Ya!
Boy, I say boy... you're about to exceed the limitations of my medication.
- Foggy
Similar here in southeast Wyoming. 91 today and smoke and the high Tuesday will be 32 with a low of 19. Hope it doesn't snow enough to break the trees before they get their leaves shed...
109 degrees here has been that way the last 2 days which is about 15 degrees above what it should be for this time of year here. it's going to cool down to the high 90s later this week
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Lanterns are like tools. 
You can not have too many unless your wife says so!!

Gas is what you use for washing parts diesel is for making power!

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Looking for any lanterns or stoves dated 5/63 or 1/72
Just saw world news and showed Laramie at 1 degree.  And that’s without the wind chill!  Bring it on, it has been brutally hot around here!
That's some crazy weather!
- Courtenay
Be Prepared
Yeah . . . not sure if I am looking forward to this cold snap, because our Colorado garden isn't done, yet, but I think it will be by Wednesday! I pulled the bimini off the Wrangler today and put the hardtop on. I was going to do it later in the week anyway for an upcoming trip but it made sense to do it now.
"Don't let the weather run your life" - Steve
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