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Hello all,
We all know the cost of shipping keeps going up. A friend of mine who works for the USPS told me the other day about this site. It apparently gives you a discount, but still ships through the USPS including flatrate. He also owns a small business shipping lots of packages and uses it for it as well.

Anyone else with experience? Or maybe this can help some of us. Looks like 25% on the crosscourt estimates I plugged in, 5% to Canada. Every little bit right? 

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I'm not a big shipper, but I have used them a few times... Always cheaper for me and simple to use.. Getting ready to ship something to remote Alaska for Doug this week... We'll see how it compares.
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Someone else mentioned Pirate Ship on the Forum. I gave them a try and it is easy to do. Prices are quite a bit cheaper. Print a label, drop it off at the Post Office or give it to your postal carrier. Done.

If shipping a box, make sure you use the exact measurement. In the past on the USPS site, if say a box was 6.5" wide, I would just round it up to 7" I did this on Pirate Ship and got a price. I thought, let me try and put in 6.5 inches and see what happened. The price went down, because it figures up the cubic inches of the box and that is how the Postal Service gives a price.  
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I do. Is my main source for small package shipping. Also you get covered up to $100 on pirate ship

Big packages I use PayPal and select UPS and you will save a lot. 

yesterday I’ve shipped through PayPal a big box 44 pounds and measurements were 38x7x17 to Florida from California insured for $250 and shipping was $55 not bad for a big box and heavy 

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That's all I use now. It generally gets the Priority shipping cost to where it's very close to Ground shipping, with all the benefits of Priority. I shipped something to Pancho yesterday via Pirate Ship. On Pirate you can always print your label and hand it off, with USPS, you often can't do the "click-n-ship" option and have to go into the P.O. 
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Thanks, I'll check it out.
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There's been an alarming increase in the number of things I know nothing about.

I parted out my 69 C10 due to health concerns, truck was a project and was building it myself, last couple months we’re pretty busy and gathering boxes and shipping stuff was a real pain in the ... ended buying a Zebra 450 label printer and now is easier to just peel and stick labels into boxes. 

PayPal label create https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_ship-now

and pirate ship is all I use. 

i do have a UPS account but PayPal beats them for large boxes. I also do USPS sometimes now and then but not as I used before. 

Looking for B-Day lantern 9/83, 7/85

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