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Ridge Runner
We're in the market for a new 10x10 canopy since our old one blew away and as a result the frame bent badly--totally my fault, BTW...

We are also interested in getting a sun-wall and screen kit to make the canopy more versatile for general yard, party and camping use. I like the looks of this Coleman one plus it already includes the sun-wall.

download (1).png 

Things I'm concerned about is the quality of the roof fabric. Also, are there a lot of plastic connectors that hold the frame arms together and to the legs? I emailed Coleman two weeks ago, no response yet to my question whether the frame connectors are metal or plastic.

Here's some specs from Coleman:
  • Item# 2000035985
  • UVGuard™ material offers UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Full-length shade wall for extra protection
  • Sets up in as fast as 3 minutes
  • 1-piece frame folds down for compact storage
  • Comfort Grip™ technology locks shelter into place for pinch-free pole extending
  • Vented roof releases trapped heat
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 ft.
  • Coverage area: 100 sq. ft.
  • Center height: 9 ft. 4 in.
  • 1-year limited warranty
Here's a link to it if you're interested.

So, I was wondering if any of you folks have this one or another Coleman one like it? Any input good, bad, or indifferent is welcomed!

— L.J.
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My 2 cents. I much prefer the 13x13 eved canopy. It still uses a 10x10 frame size but with the eaves it can’t get those “pockets” filled with water which is what usually destroys a canopy. Also, the eaves protect my lanterns from rain when I hang them from the frame.
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We also have 3... Maybe 4 now of the 13x13 with the eve and love them... They do however have plastic hinges like you mentioned and will be destroyed in a windstorm (personal experience as well) but they are great for getting out of the sun ðŸ˜. Sorry no personal experience with the one pictured.
Toby Garner
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I too am in the market for an "Easy-up" .... So I'll be following this discussion. Thanks for asking the questions I didn't even know I had. 😁👍
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I have this one that we just bought January of 2019. Its a 10x 10. We have used it 5 times so far and are happy with it. I don't think you can avoid plastic parts in anything mainstream nowadays. So far it has worked great. It is very stable if you stake it all down. We have had good weather so no real hard usage to report yet. We do have the sidewalls for it but haven't tested them in weather yet.

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We have a coleman canopy from cabelas at the park I'm working at, not sure if it's the same model but its brand new. We had to get it for covid screening at the pool, it's being set up every day by high school lifeguards, and so far so good. Although I doubt it will last the season. Seams to be made just as well as almost every other better quality ez up I've used, except this one does have bigger more comfortable buttons to release the legs.

Unless you are wanting the coleman logo this may be a better option . https://www.samsclub.com/p/mm-commercial-canopy-2019-model/prod23012621?xid=plp_product_1_1   I had to get one like this for fairs and everything is much heavier and it comes with side curtains, but only comes in white. It has internal cross structure, not just the accordian around the perimeter, and bigger vents to let wind out. It's about 6 to 8 inches wider when collapsed and a foot taller, and much heavier than my other canopies.

Also we set up on concrete, or even if we are on grass we cant use stakes. Instead we have to use weights. I have 3 foot long 4 inch PVC filled with concrete with a big I bolt cast in the end. If you hang them from the top frame hanging just off the ground the tent will twist in the wind, but would take some big winds to blow it over. Still nerve wracking with over 10 grand in work under it, but hen so are kids and dogs at a fair.

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I have (4) 20”x 1/2” Dia. pointed rebar With a washer welded on one end. I drive them in at each corner and use ratchet straps to hold the tent down. Never had a problem with this system.
If a little is good, more is better, too much is just right
When setting my 10X10 canopy up on concrete/asphalt, I use 5 gallon "cubie" water jugs for anchors. At 45+ lb each, they do a fine job, and can be emptied for transport.
Here's a pic:


Winds were light and variable, with some gusts to maybe 15 knots, so not a severe test.
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Ridge Runner
Thanks, guys, for taking the time to share the good tips and your experiences. I do appreciate it!

Another question, did your Coleman canopies come with a storage/carry bag?

For us, 99% of the time it's been used on summer weekends for a little backyard shade while out on the lawn. It was nice to put the kiddo's water table and picnic table under it so they could get some reprieve from the sun. We don't do much camping, but plan to do a little more in the coming years, though.

We always partially collapsed the old one and brought it indoors at night. Also, being a mostly sheltered and wooded yard, I never even used the stake-kit. Honestly, I couldn't find it right now if I needed to! This year, the first day out, I left it up in the yard over night. Well, the next morning some strong gusts sent the thing rolling across the lawn, snapped a leg and bent some of the accordion arms.

I now clearly understand the importance of staking/weighting the legs, even if the weather seems nice and calm...

— L.J.
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I recently purchased the Coleman Sun canopy (i 2000015206) and it comes with a wheeled transport bag which I find very handy for a heavy item.
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First, I know nothing of the Coleman canopies, but my experience with others follows.

I leave a canopy up year-round.  If it's windy, I drop it down.  If it's very windy, or a forecast of snow or ice, I drop the canopy down, release the canopy top on one side, roll it up to the other side and tie it off.  To keep the canopy from blowing away, I use the cork screw thingy's that you would screw into the ground for a dog run, and tie each corner of the frame to those.  You occasionally find these cork screw thingy's the dollar store. 

Being up year-round, I have to replace the canopy top every two to three years.  The sun is what does a number on them.  Personally, a criteria for me is whether the canopy top can be replaced.  The last two replacement tops I got could not be used because they are now apparently selling a smaller canopy as 10X10 that's really 9'6"X9'6".  This size canopy top will NOT fit a 10X10 canopy frame.  If you're only using the canopy occasionally or on camping trips, I would expect you to get many years of use out of one.


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Thanks, Northman.
Northman49 wrote:
I recently purchased the Coleman Sun canopy (i 2000015206) and it comes with a wheeled transport bag which I find very handy for a heavy item.
Jim, good point on the replacement top availibiliy. I just poked around Coleman's website and it doesn't look like they support any products with regard to post-warranty parts. Their site has a link for replacement parts under the "Camp Essentials" tab but it's a 3rd-party link to eReplacementParts.com and it looks like shelter tops are limited selection, discontinued or back ordered. Hmmm...

— L.J.
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I love the smell of naphtha in the morning!
"Ain’t no need to watch where I’m goin’; just need to know where I’ve been" -Tow Mater


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