Sportsman globe
Blow out price
Was $19
Now $8
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KSC wrote:
The lantern looks like it's running strong and your Dad looks very happy.  That's just what you wanted.

Yes as I like to say, they are both chugging along pretty well for almost 73!

He absolutely loves the lantern and can't wait to sit outside with my Mom when the weather gets nice in the evening and use it.  Win!

Thanks everyone!


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Just for reference if you did want to fix it. Start with a brass bolt and remove the head. Sharpen bolt at cut end to the size of your dent at the smallest area. Solder the sharpened end to the dent. Place a socket that is the size of the largest area of the dent over bolt (small hole up). Add a fender washer and thread a nut onto the base. Use a wrench or ratchet to apply pressure onto socket and slowly pull dent out.
I'm not a collector. I just own many versions of the same item.

Doug L
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looking for a Hugo Moller Comet  Stove 5 or 6


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