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You guys must get tired of reading these, but like all the others who proudly post their refurbish stories, I feel like a proud new dad showing off his newly reborn stove, er, child.

This little AGM piqued my interest because of the cast iron manifold.  The owner claimed he'd had it for about 10 years with intentions to get it running, but never did.  I got it for $10 at "Idaho's largest garage sale".  Everything was there and turned, so it came home with me.

With some considerable help and some o-rings and pump advice from folks like Eel (Dave) and others here on the forum, I was able to get it cleaned up, repainted and running again.  I believe it is from the mid 1940s.  Its a model 2821 Kampkook stove.  I have not touched up the inside of the lid, but have cleaned and painted the rest of the case, the manifold and tank.  It runs as good as it looks, and to me it looks great!

Besides the cast iron manifold, another design feature I really like about this stove is the burners.  They not only have rings instead of the wavy corrugated style rings on newer model stoves but on the main burner, there are two screened holes that directly push flame onto the generator through the top of the burner plate.  This seems to dramaticaly reduce the time it takes to get to full power and increase the maximum temperature of the main burner.  I clocked it at over 930 degrees Farenheight while the secondary burner stayed in the low to mis 800s.  Not bad for technology around since just after WWII. Click image for larger version - Name: 20190624_163508-512x288.jpg, Views: 217, Size: 47.01 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 20190624_163538-512x288.jpg, Views: 214, Size: 58.53 KB
Nice work, Lee!  Looks like it’s running great and I for one never get tired reading about other folk’s projects.
Awesome job.  And no, we don't get sick of reading about refurbs and what was involved.  I have those screened holes in the main burner on my KampKook #3 and it was a brilliant idea.


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Love seeing the refurbs, great job protecting and preparing that stove for many more years of use or admiration. 
Stoves rock...... (this is based solely on my personal opinion as a stovie 🙂 )

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I will never get tired of seeing old GPA's brought back to life. I am not a stovie or lamploon, I am a user and admire other peoples hard work and love. Jeff
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   You should be proud of the results of your restoration. That looks good and I'm sure that stove can cook up a storm. There's something about a cast iron manifold on a stove.
Jim Brizzolara
Nice to see you brought another one back into the realm of the living. Looks/works great
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That's a cool stove and very well fettled.  Congrats.
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Thanks, I wish I could find some kampkook decals.
Thanks, I wish I could find some kampkook decals.

One thing I've done is find the logo and pull it off the web, print it on sticker paper or decal vinyl and cut out with an exacto-knife. Just my two cents...

I too don't see myself getting tired of other people's projects, stories, and photos. 

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1hpycmpr wrote:
Nice work, Lee!  Looks like it’s running great and I for one never get tired reading about other folk’s projects.

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Those suitcase stoves are a whole other kettle of fish to clean, prep, and paint. I've done the main "box" of one, and a cabin hotplate model and they both taxed my patience. I like seeing the restoration work of others knowing the time and energy that went into them. 

You did a great job on saving that one!

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Thanks for the positive feedback. I look forward to taking it out and using it and probably adding my own character marks to the existing ones.  I will be sure to post some bacon pics or pics of what ever culinary delight is prepared on it.
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