200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

Picked up number 5 today! I like the ivory color, never saw one before. The porcelain is in nice shape, just a couple chips. It was $35 but 2 hours away, the gas cost more than the heater! It was a beautiful day for a road trip and we had lunch at a nice place right on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.


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Awfully nice condition.  Just how well do the Perfection heaters work?  How many BTUs do they produce. realistically speaking?
I've got the same model in black porcelain but mine's got some rust. The ivory looks really nice.
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That.  Is.  Gorgeous.  👍👍

Perfections were rated at 11K BTU.  No idea what they really produce, but they do throw the heat.  Maybe not as efficiently as newer kero heaters, but I don't hear many folks complain about them.
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That is very classy look. I Also read around 11,000 and based on the Btu per gal and the burn rate It works out very close. this is with two of mine with new Miles stairs wicks and one original almost new Original wick. If lit and extinguished out side or on the porch for 15+ minutes they emit a very small of smell, almost none  but I usually  run Klean Heat kero substitute.Pretty equal to two ceramic 1500 watt space heaters at once. And you can make tea with a kettle in top in about 20-30 minutes. 
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That one is in very good shape - one of the best I've seen and I own 3 or 4 plus a couple Aladdin Blue Flames. 
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That's very nice! I don't find many old perfections around here.
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That's a nice one. I like that color.
Very nice one, Duane, and a good deal, too! Even though you had to drive a ways, at least you had company and had a relaxing time in the process.
The place you had lunch looks really nice.
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