200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

A couple of weeks ago, I dropped off two 200A founts with their vents and a 502 stove to the Chromex guys. I wasn't really sure how they would turn out and was also interested in how well the 200A vent would stand up to the heat. 

I must say, the results aren't too bad! If you have ever painted a font and had it get the "Orange peal" affect, this is kinda what a Chromex fount looks like, an orange peal affected nickel plate.

Here is the high vent 200A lit:


This is the top of the vent before it is lit:


After one hour:


After 2 hours:


After 3 hours:


After a bit over 4 hours:


I have been looking at these photos only on my phone and hope to see any differences once I post them here.

The 502 looks kinda awesome:  


Rear view:


The low vent looks ok with the the Chromex vent: 


But it seems to "pop" with a vent: 


I think this looks a bit "202ish":


Both lanterns also have  a Chromex burner frame.

Opinions  and comments welcome!

Thanks for looking!


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Once again Murff, Wow! They keep getting better and better. Terminator 200A.
I like them all Murff. Are the fuel caps Chromex as well?
Toby Garner
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So, do those Chromex guys have a chain of stores across the country? Wow, good overall. 
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They all look pretty awesome. Thanks for the pics.
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Leviticus Tomethreus
It looks great but like you said, it has orange peel. I can’t decide if it looks better like that or if it was a perfect finish.
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How did the chrome on the frame hold up from the heat?
What's the lowest you'll take for this lantern?                                                

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Wow Murff those two look awesome! Love the chrome vents but the green and red really pop against the chrome fount. 
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Spectacular Murff!
Bruce Sheehe
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Wow!  Those turned out great.  Like others said, the red/green vents really pop on that chromed fount.  Like having a 200 or 202.
And, that 502 looks like a minty 500 Speedster.  Great morphosis, or should I say, "Murffosis?"
Can you share what that might cost to chrome plate a fount?
Sweet lanterns, Murff!
Thank you for your kind words, all!

Fuel caps are Chromex.

 I will take pictures tomorrow of the frame.

Cost to chromex fount is about three times the going rate for a lantern at a garage sale.

To chrome plate one is at least 15 times the going rate.


Name: Murff   ICCC Member #726 
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looks good to me.
Those are simply stunning.  Show stoppers for sure!  Thanks for sharing the pics.  
Well done, those are fantastic!
Great job again Murff! Your creations just keep getting better.
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I have a 502 disassembled in the bin that I wanted to nickle-plate, so I get to see what it would look like first, nice! Did you go that route on these only because you can't get that chrome look with cerakote or powder coat or is it because those have those not held up well? Kinda curious also because I've been thinking about an Exponent version (Black and gold) of a 220F that's been laying around the garage feeling neglected and rusty that I bought for it's amber globe.
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Those all look really nice, Murff! That Chromex makes for some sharp looking GPAs!
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I vote red vent, like you said it pops.  Wonder if they can do a hammered finish, that might be kinda uni-que.
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In answer to Wayne's question about how the Chromex burner frame holds up, well you decide.

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