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I just not too long ago introduced myself and wrote my first post gloating over the fact that I restored my old 220K 05/82. Then I purchased a 200A 07/72 from Ernie and pretty much did the same thing with that. And then some family members and neighbors somehow got wind I was playing around (fettle?) with old lanterns and bam! I am now the proud owner of a 220F 03/69 (horrible condition), an unfired new in the carrying case 295 05/93 and a 5100 series ( I'm guessing early 21st century) propane lantern. Holy crap! I have a collection! But I still will not call myself a collector. I'm going to go with "enthusiast!" These were all gifts from folks that are now worried they will explode all by themselves in their basement or garage. Thank heavens for lithium ion batteries and LED lights. I think I may see more of these gifts in my future. These things have been a pleasant distraction from all of the nonsense going on and I would like to think that if I do my part they will be around another few decades. Looking forward to the Ohio gathering in August. 

Regards, Jim
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Yes, networking works!  I’ve had people give me some things once they found out I work on/collect lanterns and stoves.  Now that your family knows, they need to tell their friends!  😁

Very fine line.    Build shelves.
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There all lots more you Need!...And they will find you. LOL 
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I believe you were warned!

Letting people know that you're a "lantern enthusiast" is one of the best ways to find stuff. I've been given about a dozen lanterns and stoves over the last few years. I've also groomed several friends who are garage/yard/estate sale junkies. Some of my best acquisitions have come from that network.
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Welcome to the obsession!  That's how I started, almost ten years ago!, and at last count, also several years old, I was somewhere North of 100 lanterns, well North! 

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I go with enthusiastic user!

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You are hooked and even the best psychologists can’t help you now. 😁
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