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Hello all from northern Indiana, I just fired my 288 purchased in  1990 but never fired. Tonight I wanted to catch the very last flames in the mantles shutting down....for some reason this is a habit with me, I always watch the remits burn off and get some pretty cool photos , here are the shots tonight !  Jay [wjU98V4]  [GLQ8dUi]  [PpYKw0n]    [OH6VTRO]
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You're not the only one..... but my photo taking talent isn't as good as yours.
Nice pics!

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i do that too.
As Andrew stated, you're not the only one.   In my case, it's my phone that sucks at taking pictures like that because it can't handle the lighting properly.


Flammable liquids, open flame, what could go wrong?

I've missed you!  But I'm reloading.
If you want to be sure there's no risk of fire...

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Wanted: GPA dated 5/89 (Red 286?  Black Powerhouse? 508? Early Unleadeds? Canadian things? I'll settle for a propane job at this point) Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster bowls and accessories, Ruby-cased 10in lamp shade, 7D Mag-lite
To be certain, many of us do this. Nice pics!

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Yep, you're not alone...
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There's been an alarming increase in the number of things I know nothing about.
I do that sometimes too, Jay.  Neat photos!
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Also watch. 
It mesmerizes me every time. Nice photos.
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Every time.
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I do it too.  Some of my 288's will howl as they are shutting down.  I call them my wolf lanterns.  Not quite sure why I like to listen to them, but I do.
How else would I know it's fully out? Waking in the night to the smell of CF isn't fun.

Now, how do you know the light in the 'fridge actually goes out when you close the door?
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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I use to peek out of the tent and watch the ol' lantern slowly flicker to darkness after Dad shut it down.  That was over 50 years ago and I'm still watching 'em!
In camp I use that feature to make my way to my bunk before the room goes black. 
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Sometimes.  In camp I use that time to get into my tent while its still lit. 

A  prop lantern on a mast goes a LONG time on just the fuel in the mast....
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Welcome from another northern Hoosier. I do the same. We have to make sure that the flame goes out to ensure that the valve closes completely.

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