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My wife and I went camping last week. Packed up Saturday to come home . Drove about 3 hours stopped at a cheese factory about 20 minutes from home. And then this. We broke 2 leaf springs. Just glad nothing really bad happened.
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That sucks, but the really bright spot is that you weren't far from home.


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Tough break, Patrick, but as mentioned, good that you were fairly close to home.  Also, good thing that you already had a good time, so the spring problem didn't take away from the fun of camping.
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Glad you guys are okay. And definitely luck it was close to home. Those should not be to hard to replace and you will be back out in no time.
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Patrick, was this the place? Screenshot_20200622-054316_Gallery_copy_600x800.jpg 
That happened to us out in South Dakota on one trip. They had cut a trench across the interstate and then filled it with gravel. The gravel got kicked out of the trench by vehicles and then we came along. It was just too much of a shock for the trailer suspension.

No the cheese place was in Zittau wi. Union star.
Patrick. A learning experience is one of those things that say, ' You know that thing you just did? Don't do that' Douglas Adams
Oh I hate that. I blew a boat trailer tire on the interstate one time pre cell phone era. No spare. I was in the twilight zone for the first hour.
I had a spare leaf spring bolted on my boat trailer just for an occurrence  like this. Never had to use it.......
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Back in '79, myself and a load of other weirdo hippie freak types were driving from Grand Canyon, AZ to my home near Portland, OR. We were all in my '67 Ford Falcon Supervan--the Lovewagon--complete with 360-degree shag carpet and queen-size bed.

Anyhow, it was somewhere just north of Sacremento on I5 that we noticed a loud rumbling sound coming from the left rear wheel. Being 19 at the time, I decided that, as we only had about 500 miles to go, I'd turn the stereo up. Problem solved.

Just a few miles from home, as we were passing above Willamette Falls, a beautiful gal in a convertible 'Stang pulled up next to me in the left lane. She honked and waved. I honked and waved back--was it my lucky day? This went on for a couple of minutes, she honked, I honked, etc. Everyone in the van was  encouraging me. I felt great! Finally, she made the roll-the-window-down sign, so I turned the stereo down and rolled down the window. She swerved closer and yelled "YOU'RE... ON... FIRE!!!" Sure enough, looking in the rearview mirror, there was about thirty feet of flames issuing from the left rear wheel well.

We made it on to the local TV news that afternoon.

We almost made it home. I learned that turning the stereo up can solve some, but not all, automotive problems. We got a ride back to my place and then rescued the van that night. No brakes, but....
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