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I have posted about this before and decided to let it sit. You have probably seen the recent post by another member on his find. It is raining today and I was tempted to see what I could do... I took the bait! 

So far I have the generator off, oiled the leather, put an o-ring on the cap, pumped it up, and it passed the dunk test. The fount sounds like there is junk in it so I guess it is cleaning time. How would one go about this with the tiny fill hole? It looks like the pump tube comes out? 

While I am attempting to clean the fount, what should I soak the generator in?

Oh, and wondering why mine does not have the lighting hole/flap? It does not look like there was one.


I may have found the stopping point on this one. I washed out the fount and had large chunks of rust come out of it. I looked inside with my bore camera, expecting to see some scary things, and it did not look bad at all?!  I am sure citric acid and the BB dance will clean it up nicely. 

The problem is ,as many people have warned, the cleaning tip is broken off and stuck in the generator. Does anyone have suggestions for this? If I can get the tip out and the generator is good, does anyone have the post about repairing the cleaning tip?


Yours doesn't have a lighting hole in the frame as it would have had a mica globe w/lighting door in the side.

Good luck with the generator and cleaner--never worked on one of these. Post some pics of your problems and it'll make it easier for folks to argue over what you need to do.
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I ran the generator in the ultra sonic for a few hours and cleaned out the nozzle. I then mounted it to the fount, pumped it up, and it passes a lot of air. I guess next I will be cleaning the fount and seeing if it will run.

I'm still hoping someone knows how to fix the cleaning rod.
those can be challenging. It took me 10 years to find a decent fount, then my plater dinged it. Besides the generator there is the valve. It's a head scratcher. And thin tiny fuel bung makes looking in the fount very difficult.
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Well, I am going to put this one back on the shelf or sell it for parts. I cleaned everything up, that turned out better than I though it would, but the only way to keep it flowing is to manually clean it. So, without the cleaning tip to keep clearing it out there is no way it will run.  Now I know why the guy threw it in for free with a bunch of Coleman goods that I bought..lol.
Try to run it! Milspecs don't have tip cleaners and they must be manually cleaned also.
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Yeah, depends on your devotion to gpa's whether you make it run.

Like Joe says, the Milspecs need pricking once in a while and frankly after you clean the fount, run it, empty the fount and filter it for the next 3-4 times you run it - those clogging issues usually go away. 
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I had a 200 with rust in the font, had to constantly spin cleaner (at least it had one) finally coated font with POR 15, now it's perfect. Since then, fonts with rust very often get coated, makes them much nice lanterns.
Well, we are off to Weblos camp today so I guess I will put the generator back into the citric acid ultra sonic bath and also fill the fount again. I did only spend 2 days cleaning things and it would stream from the tip until I closed and opened the valve again. 

I also just found out no liquid fuel at camp!! Now I need to find a cool propane lantern to bring next time... any suggestions?

That’s an instaglow generator and they’re not easy to come by. But they do from time to time. Since it’s the “rack and pinion” style of pricker rod, I don’t know if you can take the bottom “rack” piece and somehow attach it to a good pricker rod out of a different generator. Otherwise like others have said run it the way it is and clean the fuel tip once in awhile.

Sometimes chunks in the fount can be dried up fuel residue. Run a magnet over the crud you got out. If it’s rust scale and you see pitting with your scope, then coating with Caswell’s would be a good option.

Parts aren’t as easy to find but if your patient and keep your ear to the ground something usually comes along. 
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On Q99s that give me headaches from clogging shortly after pricking to open them up, I put a small bit of tiki torch wick fiber in before the tip goes back on. It seems to catch the little bits of carbon and stuff before they instantly clog the generator tip orifice. Over time, if they catch lots of crud and clog, I just remove the tiki material and pop in a new mini-wad of it. I think I got this solution to clogging Q99s from a Scouterjan post many years ago.

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