200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

Some real treats for the bottom feeders at the auction!

This Turban Fount seems to have a sound fount, a Q burner (marked "!"), good bell cover, bent metal shade holder and more.  I was pleasantly shocked to see the Air-o-Lite logo emerge from under the rust . I have a few questions, and have referenced "The Book" and tried to look over other related posts

Starting here:
  1. Original AOL Turban Founts were used for AA/NA burners 1912-1922.  Assuming many of them were cut down for the Q burner after about 1917
  2. Second round of AOL Turban Founts were issued with the Q burner as AQ lamps between 1917 and 1920
  3. CQ arrived in 1917 and conquered the field through 1933
Question 1 - what was the thinking between 1920 and 1922?  Were they still really making AA lamps or just advertising in the catalogs to clear the backlog?

Question 2 - How does one tell the difference between a cut down AA with Q burner  and an original AQ?  Is the base plate a clue?  Book says on page 18 the logo on the base plate is "Wichita, Kansas", but show a base plate with "Wichita Kans".  No logo shown on page 24 for the second batch of AOL but also noted as "Kansas" - any insight?

Some pics of my treasure below.  Hard to see - but believe says "KANS"
Fount appears sound, no odor, plenty of "stuff" rattling around in the fount.
Shade holder is folded metal type



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Hi Mike, glad you did well. To address your first question : supply and demand drives the market. 

Coleman Shipping Records

1920  A Lamp : 656
          AQ Lamp : 239
1921  A Lamp : 30
          AQ Lamp : 0
1922  A Lamp : 4
          AQ Lamp : 0


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Dont forget the ones used for prototype PQ's...😀
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