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I am trying to get going again on my early Air O Lantern Q.L. Fettle, I am needing to Caswell my fount. My question involves rebuilding the valve/ stem ... it is the 7/16 with stop, and I removed it to clean it. I think I have the new packing from OCP, but do I need to remove the safety stop to use the packing?
Also, it seems silly to ask , but I cannot find a complete rebuild thread of these early Lanterns, does someone have a reference to go on? I also have to replace the ferrule for the vent hat.

Thank You in advance for any replies.
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It has a brass pin stop, yes?  

Yes, you have to remove it.  Tap it right out with a flat punch.

Overhaul on later QL models is the same.

There are good threads on the vent repair.

I've managed to save a couple original bushings and haven't had to use my reproduction replacements yet.  It ain't rocket science.  If you can rivet with a ball peen hammer, you can do this.
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Okay, thanks again but I guess I’m missing something easy? Do I reinstall the pin after using the new packing?
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