200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

DSCN7389.jpg  DSCN7383.jpg 
Not a resto, just had to get the valves free. Both control valves were froze up, so I hadda take the top end apart in order to get at the little black one that controls the air.  Discovered a snapped off bolt going under the baseplate going into the iron burner assembly that will have to be addressed at some time in the future.   For the moment I am quite happy that it works well.  Been looking for a Coleman 500 for months, but now have the AGM equivalent instead.   I figure a Minnesota boy oughta have a few Minnesota made gas powered appliances.
Very cool.   Would love to have one of those!
I like that!  
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Think I kind of like that better than my 500... Maybe because it's different? Nice stove👍
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