200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

This was a recent fettle that I'd like to share with the fine people of this website: IMG_1384.jpg  IMG_1386.jpg 
Paint was in pretty rough shape, and the rust didn't help it's looks, either.  I had to remove everything and see if I exposed any pinholes - luckily, there were none.
IMG_1393.jpg  IMG_1395.jpg 
Lots of prep work.
Not too bad for a guy in his garage.  Running like a champ and looking pretty sharp. IMG_1399.jpgIMG_1403.jpg
Stove didn't have the original knobs, so I used a couple from an old radio to finish the look.
IMG_1406.jpg IMG_1408.jpg 
Thanks to everyone here for contributing to my delinquency!

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it looks great. I like to look in the background to see what else you are working on.
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Looks like a tectonics 5mhz scope. Great job on the AGM! Love the square burner. No copy infringement on a 500.
I would caswell anyway to be sure.
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Thanks!  Always more than one thing cooking at a time, I need to get better organized...
Inside the tank was surprisingly clean.  Very little rust or debris.  But a coating is a good suggestion - better safe than sorry.

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"Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers" - Alfred Lord Tennyson

great,great turn out.
Great job! And a first time see of one of those for me I think.
Love the flat black burner with the blue flame, looks surreal. 

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