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Is there anyone on this forum who has a complete AGM 2570 with its original decal? I need a close-up photo(s) of that decal so I can have one made, if possible, along with decal dimensions and font sizes.

Please send it to me directly at: jj.pagan.653@gmail.com . That way, photo is not limited to byte size as it would be required if sent by PM via this forum.


you must have found a 2570. That's good news.
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Yep, Terry sold me the one shown on his website. Was going to transplant the upper half on a Coleman fount but found that the Coleman is slightly wider and taller plus the relationship of where the fuel fill and air pump is nowhere close to the AGM positioning. On the AGM, it's 90 degrees apart where the Coleman is 180 degrees apart. So instead, I'm going to Caswell the fount and keep it original, possibly re-paint it, don't know yet.  Odds of obtaining an original crack-free fount are 0 to none.

Joe, the single JC Higgins fount can work, IIRC. Not an option?
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Sorry, no Chuck.  While it can work, 1st, Fount is too wide. 2nd, wrong air pump and the earlier AGM check valve is too big for that fount. The 2570 fount is fairly close to what a 242 fount is in size but learned very quickly that the 242 is wider and taller plus the 242 uses the small fuel cap, the 2570 uses the 220 style fuel cap and as mentioned earlier, the position of the fuel cap & air pump isn't close. The 2570 is an oddball in that the relationship of those positions are 90 degrees apart while most, if not all others, are 180 degrees apart.

When I get home, I'll send you a pic... EDIT......Check your email
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