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Rick smallwood
So I am trying to add in my pop-up camper, I thought it would be as simple as taking out my refrigerator setting one up I still have Vents directly in the back, With nothing to cut out in plenty of room,but it doesn’t seem to be getting cold enough and I had a checked the AC itself is good, I have seen where people have been separating some of the fence on top of the back just not sure that’s what makes the difference?
First off Welcome to the site. 

I don't think you will get enough air to the condenser coils with just the refrigerator vents. There are a few pop up camper company's that use window AC units. They are all fully exposed to outside air. Most Pop Ups with AC have full size RV AC units on the roof. They need the extra cooling capacity because the tenting does not provide any insulation. The ones that use window AC units are hard sided. 

This site is mainly set up for the collection of Coleman lanterns and stoves. You may want to post this question on the many Pop Up camper forums that are out there to see what they many have done. Just do a search for Pop Up camper forums. I was on three of them when I had my Pop Up. 
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Goto the website "Popup Portal". They have a good section on ACs in the smaller campers.
Rick smallwood
Ok will do thanks
@Ricksmallwood You can put a window shaker A/C in most any camper and make it look just fine. 

Yes, the vent for a fridge may be undersized - it can be cut larger. Ours was done by a previous owner but it doesn't leak, looks above average, and cools great:

Camper A-C #1.jpg 

Our neighbor added a window shaker to his camper a few weeks ago (1972 Nomad) and other than mounting it at the floor (???) then mounting it up high, it does everything they need and it's a bigger unit (does not stick out the side).

Camper A-C #3.jpg 

Camper A-C #2.jpg
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Is this a "window" air conditioner? If so, maybe the best for the air conditioner would be to have it slide in/out. Have it in when not in use, and slide it out when in use so the condenser air flow is somewhat normal as when in a window.  

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