200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.
Yosemite John
[image] ðŸ˜Ž
A Happy Camper
Well, it's back to the old grind, then...😁
Nice of him to give that to you.
Steve    ICCC #1012
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That's a neat old stone. I see them occasionally in my area, but I've never picked one up for some reason. Maybe I should.
Whitegas Extraordinaire
I’ve been tripping over one in my garage along with a hand crank drill press

been tempted to pitch em but have thought better

I frighten easily!

My current shade is Coleman!!

ICCC # 1865 
Well, time to put your nose to the grind stone! 
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Yosemite John
Once I get her cleaned up and balanced I use her for restoring and sharpening damaged edges on tools and knives.
Less heat than high rpm electric grinders so less chance of harming the temper of the steel.
A Happy Camper
I have a pair of those, one at home and one at the cottage.  Very handy!
DougA  ... fettler and keeper of a family collection of nickel: a 249, a pair of 237s, and a 1938 228B, along with a late 1979 red 200a.  Then two more turned up, a 1941 243A and a 1944 242C, and now there's a b-day 200A lantern, too!.
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Had the same grinder in my parents old garage when I was a kid ( early 60's )  brings back memories
fuel brained
Can you say hollow ground screwdrivers. My old boss had 4 of these with different grit stones.
Pastor Jeff
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 Kool I have one that’s was my grandfathers. Old stuff is so practical 
Are these "wet" stones or does one use them dry?  
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b-day light of 01/69 sought after
Nice, that really brings back some memories of my father’s workshop.  He had a similar one, sometimes I used to turn it for him whilst he dressed whatever needed to be dressed.
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I’ve been tripping over one in my garage along with a hand crank drill press

been tempted to pitch em but have thought better


Post drills are getting harder and  harder to find nowadays. Buying and selling them is easy however it's the shipping that stops everyone unless you find it at a local garage sale or swap meet.  I also collect them besides Coleman lanterns and stoves just because I think they're cool.
Not looking for anything. I have too much already, my wife says. 
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