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What with record heat in the West and fires everywhere, what did I find yesterday but a Tilley heater.  A picker friend had it and offered for a Jackson so I didn’t hesitate.  Although dirty, it seemed complete and the cleanup begin.  
CD19689B-FA3E-42CD-AA3F-2D566BAD9E17.jpeg  27026668-F4BD-4673-96E9-244C66011ACB.jpeg 

Broke down to the main components, the grime was mostly sawdust (used in a home workshop?) and old dried on kerosene. Started with Dawn, worked my way up to Simple Green and eventually to Mothers.  I didn’t have new seals to fit so I reversed the existing main seal.  Seemed to hold but the pump leather was rotten. I had a large Optimus cup that was made to service by using a lead washer as the Optimus has a larger seating hole then the Tilley.  
   As with all new GPA’s, there is a learning curve but I eventually got it going.  Research shows these things have a significant preheat cycle that was originally accomplished by using a clamping device that has an alcohol soaked fiber that is clamped on the generator which preheats. Others have modified them to take a cup like what is on a kerosene lantern.  Not sure which I will go with but for now a micro torch worked fine.  Fired up nice and put out some good heat but I noticed it weeping on the base of the generator so I will attempt a repair there with Optimus seals.  I am sure the pressure leak prevented optimum heat.  My daylight picture does not show the blue flame but it is there. Eventually I will send to the old country for the right parts but for now I am happy.   It will make a nice period style tent heater with the proper ventilation of course.  A fine example of quality English GPA design, perhaps it will someday get cold enough to use it!
21C06240-7AAE-4B86-B8CE-2EEC5B89B24B.jpeg  CA241F81-7FBC-4008-8D80-C086515C6AF3.jpeg  E6914393-2BE4-4D97-8283-DB0D3964A3E3.jpeg 


Nice find.  Yep, Thefettlebox for a kit.  You can use a Tilley torch or if you know someone ? who tinkers with metal fabrication, have them make something like a Coleman kero does, mine has a little kicke on it so when done preheating, I can lower it.
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Here's one burning well:


You also need a pre-heat chimney. Some have made then from tomato paste cans. I made mine from SS scrap:


The pre-heat cup is a 1" copper sweat cap with a .357 Mag shell for the center tube. It takes a full fill of DNA to do the job properly. The cup is supported with a drill stop collar.

If you order the gaskets from overseas, let me know. I need a set too, and we can split the shipping.
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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Wow Marty that cleaned up beautifully!
Whilst I see quite a few of these around the traps down here I haven't found one as complete as that, there's always something missing.
If it was meant to use the same pre heater as the lanterns, here's a pic of my lantern one just as an example, these are still available NOS from a supplier down here and I would imagine the UK.
They came with the lanterns in a glass jar, gone before I got it though. 
On the lantern you just slide the bug guard down from the globe genny hole and push this on.
I have also seen homemade forks made of wire bound in a wick material to achieve the same result.
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Nice score and really well cleaned up!

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Yep, need a chimney thing.  Here is my preheat cup.
Well, tablet refuses to cooperate.
Duane-All seasons, year round backpacker and camper.  So many stoves and lanterns, who's counting.
Every one of those I have had leaked when I got it. New seals are CHEAP and easy, do not crank down on stuff trying to stop leaks. 
Might as well order a bunch of seal kits, more of these  will come along....

TIMM I probably have a seal kit (or two or three) will look tonight.

I put a preheat cup on one, works good. Couple of others with the torch thingy.

Don't always use the chimney thing, but it is a nice touch. These things like a LOT of preheat.

Good job shining it up. Mine are jealous! 
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I just received a shipment from England with more pump cups and seals than I’ll ever use. Plus I bought an extra torch if you are looking for parts in a couple of days! The Tilley torch works well! They need a long preheat.
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I just received a shipment from England with more pump cups and seals than I’ll ever use. Plus I bought an extra torch if you are looking for parts in a couple of days! The Tilley torch works well! They need a long preheat.

I would be.  PM me with what you got and what you want. 
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I have a 237 (I think) preheat cup on mine, and tried the clip-on Tilley preheat cup but I really enjoy just dousing the asbestos mantle with denatured alcohol and setting it on fire.  It may not be the most efficient preheat technique, but I enjoy it.  Once it takes off you get that wonderful directional ray of heat.  I am at sea level, so I can get away with lots of quick preheat tricks.

Nice clean-up on yours.
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Great score and nice cleanup. E.
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Great find from your friend, Marty! Especially nice that it has the guard or grill on it; many seem to be missing.
You did a great job shining it up-well done.
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A nice Tilley model R1-A radiator, Marty, and a nice find.
That one should have the date stamp on the bottom of the fount. There should be numbers and some capital letters stamped there. The numbers are the date, so don't worry about the letters. Month will be the first number/s year next.

The wire guard on yours is positioned incorrectly on the reflector.  There is a rectangular wire swivel door incorporated on the guard, and it should be positioned so it is located at top centre. And needs to be there so you can safely remove the draught shield from the burner after preheating. You don't have a draught shield, yet, so you don't need to use that door until you have one to use. Have a look at Timm's first picture of his. As his wire guard is positioned correctly with his door to the top centre.

Thanks everyone for the info and suggestions.  Working the next few days so it sits for now but I like the homemade preheat cup idea Timm.  As to the date, 162 = January 1962.   Not too bad a shape for almost 60!
Marty,  GREAT find and fettle!
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