200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

just got back from a flea market and have a few more items to put in the line up to fettle:
1.  Just picked this up because the price was worth the case and silk lite and pour spout
2. Got a good price on a SVEA 123 early model complete with cup and handle. I have a few but as Duane said, whose counting?
3.  Thought this was a Kamp Kook #2 but there was no badge.  I checked Terry Marsh and it turns out to be Cook Quick Model 112 made by Okeefe and Merit out of Los Angles.  I know Okeefe and Merit made kitchen ranges. This one seems to date to the early 1920’s.  Any one have a spare badge?  The legs are removable and had the pump. It has a steel tank so we will see but appears to be in fair shape. Usually leave things as is but may consider a full restore if the tank is solid.
1B8B0CD1-3CD3-4339-B9AC-EE0BC2EBD660.jpeg  9133F67F-54C7-47C2-A6C6-B105038015CC.jpeg 
4. Last and my happiest find is this AGM 288 circa 1928 to 1932. A lot of font paint loss but nothing is frozen and then vent isn’t too bad. I really like this lantern.  It came with an older Coleman globe which I will swap out for a Fred K. Mica when I can get an order in. Looking forward to seeing this one run, hope the font is sound.  It was farm fresh and seemed like it was ran not too long ago but it will be a complete tear down. 
629C199D-7528-470D-9AE9-8D1F5FDB5CBB.jpeg  7C15A563-52BA-4897-A3F5-A1A9CB92C4AC.jpeg 
Uh, what about the Quicklite case in the BG?

Some awesome scores!
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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Nice stuff Marty, jealous.
PS:  Will have to show you something I'm waiting on.
Duane-All seasons, year round backpacker and camper.  So many stoves and lanterns, who's counting.
Wow!  That's a great day with some very uncommon items.  Congrats.
- Courtenay
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Nice scores. Timm, I didn't even notice the crate in the background. That would be awesome to have.
I’m afraid the crate is something I made for a couple of quick items I take out camping. I like to dress things out.  
It's still a cool looking crate. Which brings me to a question. How were the old quick-lites packaged? I've only seen cardboard. Did they ever use wood crates for packaging?
I would imagine that stateside they only came in their cardboard containers likely on pallets by rail.

This was a “fantasy” piece I did for an Indian Jones look in camp as if these Quick Lites were shipped to some far off exotic port.  The 327s sure give a nice look in camp and the crate serves as my “desk”.   I am afraid I am a frustrated set director with a ran away imagination.  Besides it was fun to make the stencils and research early 20th century explorers. I do need to do something with that gallon gas can. Not sure how far back Coleman fuel was sold in those cans.  I have scrolled through the can collection photos on this site and looks like the earliest ones are 50’s or 60’s.  Anyone seen earlier?. I guess a stripped can with a slight rust and grey metal patina would be more accurate perhaps with a stenciled label.  Sounds like another project.  I keep the 
Crate outside the garage door and it serves as a photo backdrop.
7FF3A476-8590-4FE4-AD40-184DAA1F9F72.jpeg  07CB75F8-B7BF-4672-9466-775A93E6F0DB.jpeg 
steve p
Some awesome finds! 

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