200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

Was in southern Illinois and came across three Perfection 750 Firelites in one place. I picked out and paid up for the  cleanest one and With nothing more than a wick wiggle to free it and finger wipe to get some of the coked /carbon it was running in 20 minutes on the stinky fuel that came in the fount. I came home and cleaned it up more properly and removed and washed and cleaned the wick of the old smelly brown kero crud and now it works and looks very nice Does anyone know the production period for these. I am guessing 40's-50's

IMG_3711.jpg  IMG_3712.jpg
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If i remember correctly from a data base I saw they are around 1947 .
Nice heater ! 
That’s a beauty of a heater, Bob.  I really like how they throw both heat and light.  
They were made at least through the 1950s.  I have a scan of a catalog page I found on the interwebz from 1958 showing a 750 and a 1958 price list with the 750X for $35 in 1958.  It is possible production of them continued into the early 60s.

Edited to add: The 750 is shown in the Perfection 1949 catalog, so they were available as early as that.  They are not in the 1940 catalog, but I don't have any catalogs in between those years.
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its sure a nice lookin one.
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They certainly live up to their name 'Perfection'
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Thanks on the timing,   I do not need another as I now have a real decent 130C a 1527 firelite and now the 750 firelight. So kind of hope no more come my way.  I didn't even know these things exist until I fell down this wonderful rabbit hole called Coleman collectors.
Thanks again
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If I did already have 5 Firelights, I would ask you where I could find the other two you saw across the river from me.
Mine are a 750, a 750X, two 730s, and one that I have not yet cleaned up and identified.
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Awesome 750 Bob! They’re the only kerosene heater I’ve ever had that doesn’t smell like kerosene while running. 

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That's a nice one Bob. 
Mister Wilson
That’s in really good shops. Congrats. Some day I’ll find one. 
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Looking for 6-56 and 6-58 Birthday lanterns.
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