200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
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I have one of each model, but my 5B is in pretty bad condition.  As such, when I saw what I thought was another 5B come up on Marketplace, I jumped on it.  I found out though that it's stamped as a 5A.  It has the 5 B tank, 5B slots for the tank tabs, stamping and 5B legs.

So, was the 5A transitioned over a few years to what a 5B became, and the last few were stamped as 5A's?

My 5A with gold tank and lockable legs.
5A 2.jpg  5A 4.jpg  5A 5.jpg 
My beat up 5B with curved legs and longer red tank.
5B 2 (800x600).jpg  5B 4 (800x600).jpg 
And now the new to me 5A I picked up, thinking it was a 5B.  Tank is stamped 1/63.
5B 7.jpg  5B 9.jpg 
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You're not alone. Got the same one.
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My 5a has a 5b tank that is so full of holes it’s s sprikler head. Udingvthe propane adapter till I find a tank 

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