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Is there something special about this year of mil-spec? Recently an auction ended for $192.50+shipping. It was NOS in the box with two generators but Im curious b/c I recently acquired a 58 Mil Spec in perfect condition. No box or extra generators though.
Likely went that high just because it was NOS. 

Found one 3 years ago NIB locally for just under $100 USD so I'm not surprised it's that high now. 
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Must have been a couple guys bidding born in '58.  I've had mine several years and while not NOS, mine was in fine condition with all the goodies and box.  I probably paid about $100 for mine.
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Thought maybe the US QUADRANT GLOBE thats stamped on the 4 glass panels may be rare or something. 
Nope just NOS in the box. I've seen some that they are asking$250 
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The prices on milspecs ebb and flow pretty abruptly.  I've seen them go that high (or higher), and then a few days later, the same thing will bring 1/3 the price.  Just depends on who's looking at the time.
Jeepster the US on the glass is frosting on the cake. Usually found on the pre 1960's glass.
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