200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.
I've had this in my garage forever, it belonged to my godfather who was an avid fisherman back in the day. I decided to unpack the box and see all the contents. All original condition.  Thinking of selling it if its worth anything .what do you all think? Click image for larger version - Name: 20190508_085135.jpg, Views: 251, Size: 154.14 KB
Hopefully worth more to you for the memories, but it has some value. More on eBay than most here will pay, but you would get it into the hands of a collector here. Do some research and list in the classifieds. You will need to state a price. 
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That is in awesome condition.  The cage looks spotless.  I'm personally a big fan of the 200A's so I wouldn't dream of parting with it.  If you ever do decide to collect a few pieces, go camping, or have kids that may or already do go camping, then you may regret parting with it.  They may not be a rare lantern, but are not that common in that nice condition.  If you flip it upside down, you'll see when it was made.  Birthday lanterns are desirable if you don't have one already.

Edit:  Forgot to mention, welcome to the forum.


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I would marry that purdy red lantern. Give yourself some time to think about it before you make a final decision. 
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Hi Mart - welcome!  We don't "do pricing" around here, but see above. 

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Thank you all for the responses,  the bottom date is 9 57.   
well, you are on here,have red coleman and now need a green one, you might as well stay and keep on collecting.
Hahaha!  Green does go well with red...
I have many valuable lanterns, but the only one that is not for sale is my very common 228F that belonged to my dad.  It's your lantern so do what you want, but you made your way here so obviously you have some interest in what you have. a few things to consider.
1. Yes, you can sell it and get some beer money. A lot of beer, or less beer of higher quality.
2. These coleman products, when cared for properly, can literally last at least a hundred years (there are now examples).  Try to find something else at Walmart today with that quality.
3. I've transacted for over 70 lanterns while collecting.  Only 2 or 3 of them were free.
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Don’t sell it
that is a family heirloom in near mint condition
looking for a Hugo Moller Comet  Stove 5 or 6


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