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A 523 non medical marked 1965 Coleman stove just arrived today. Honestly did not even know these existed till a week ago. The auction's 3 picture show the 1965 date, a very blurry pic of the stove in it's can & the U.S. on the lid. Hit the buy it now option & 3 days later it arrived from North Dakota. It appears unissued & unfired condition. There are 3 small spots of paint missing on the frame, that is it. There was a spare complete valve/pick up tube/ nozzle assembly wrapped in news paper tucked in under the stove top. The paper was the Wichita Press dated September 17,1964. Appears to have been with the stove since sometime then. The spare tubes & tool are all present. I use all my stoves & lanterns. Take turns firing up a different one several times a week. My son cooks sometimes twice a day on a 413E stove. The rest illuminate the house & brew up many a pot of tea and soup. Think they should be used, and love to hear them breathe & feel the warmth they emit. Never considered myself a collector, but with over 30 lanterns & 20 stoves I guess I may be leaning that way. Always try to find the nicest example of a lantern or stove. No paint scraped off bottom of font, no chips on vent, lack of rust, original bow & papers,cheap etc,but use them all. Have 2 unfired lanterns(a 1960 228 E with price tag still on font),& an unfired new in box 440 pocket stove. Thinking of trading these off or selling them, they just set there unused. Nearly all Coleman products I come by are used, think a new old stock 50 plus year old stove is not common, hence my problem, Do not think I will find another 523 in such nice shape, for a such very reasonable price. But also realize some people really enjoy finding NOS Coleman, you just can't make a new one. The stove is sitting on my kitchen counter just dying to be filled with fuel & fired up, or at least I am. Any input would be appreciated. It is a nice stove, and rather a cool configuration too. Those folks in Wichita really new what they were doing. After watching this video on youtube just want to hear it purrr...
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These are a ton of fun. The start up had my wife’s eyes open wide😳. But the unfired thing is a tuff one. Mine was well used and possibly went to Vietnam the same yeas as my dad who knows.  I had to repaint the frame and give a full fettle . So it was a no brainer for me.  It was lit outside had to bring it so the flames would show up.D08A2046-5116-44F9-9390-EC464AB4A3F2.jpeg 
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Awesome find! I've got one and their fun, but at least as far as mine goes I guess those US Army cooks didn't simmer anything.  I didn't have much luck getting the flame down from a full roar.

As far as firing it up?  That's up to you.  If you think you might want to sell it down the road, unfired will probably bring more money.  If your going to keep it to enjoy, well, it'll be a lot more fun fired up.  In the end it's your call.

Again, great find, mine was pretty beat up when I got it.
I have an unfired 523 myself. It still has all of the extra parts in their envelopes with the often missing windscreen. Mine has the medical cadacious on the the case. I left mine unfired just because they're only unfired once. Like Steve said, if you plan on selling it later on, leave it unfired for a much better price. If you have no intentions of parting with it later, light it up and let it do what it was designed to do, make fire.
For me, I like to add unfired stuff to my collection. I have plenty of stuff to burn whenever I have a need. 
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I don't know how collectible that stove is or will be, but I'm a broken record when it comes to unfired.  Once fired, it's devalued.  In the case of an old 200A that was left unfired, they have fetched many hundreds of dollars on the auction site, but once fired, they're just another 200A.  A member here bought a NIB 200A last year and I pointed this out to him.  He went and fired it and was planning to give it to his son.  His son apparently didn't want it, and he was trying to sell it here for something like $70.  I don't know if there were any takers, but I figure he lost at least $300 by firing it up.  If this is a stove you plan to keep until you die, by all means, fire it up.  If you think you may someday get bored and part with it, put it on a shelf.  They're not making 55 year old unfired stoves anymore.  That's my $.02 on it.


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Not too many unfired of anything. Keep that for history and refreance as to what they look like and what comes with them. All the boxes and wrappings are part of that history. Get one that has been banged around and used. Even a user should last a life time with reasonable care while you have the enjoyment of recreating how it was in the day experance.
Considering its uniqueness and amazing condition, I’d leave it unfired. You can always find a “well loved” user, but that thing is mint and they’re only unfired once. You’ve got a piece of history and if you plant to sell it later, like others here have said, it’ll be worth many times more money unfired than fired.
You sound like a practical fella who likes to use his stuff and takes good care of it so it lasts the test of time.  Why not advertise and sell the pristine stove to someone who fancies the unfired treasures and use the money you get to find a real nice user.  Like was stated above, you will likely get a pretty penny from a collector for its condition.   It s a win win...you get another stove you dont mind using and likely some cash on top of it all at the end!
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I’m starting to appreciate leaving some gpa’s unfired. Agreed with others that have posted above. 

Ultimately, it’s yours and do what you want with it. 


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