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I have a like new 502 lantern.  I was cleaning the generator and cracked the copper fuel tube can I solder this or job weld it.  Or can I buy a new valve here with copper tube.  I’m just sick was a gift from 85 yo father in-law.  Help please.   Signed village idiot 
James laudenklos
You may need to paste a good detailed photo to show what you did.
Mister Wilson
502 is a stove.  Agree, post a picture and we'll know how to help you.
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Greetings and welcome. Do you mean 502 stove? Regardless, if the generator tube is cracked, don't worry, those are readily available. I've trashed a few generators myself from time to time. Sometimes, they're so coked up, they are hard to save. However, the experts here can shed some light on the subject. Please recheck the model number on your appliance and let us know.
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