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I got a 502 that came with a heat drum. The 502 is now completely refurbished and runs like a champ.

The drum on the other hand was a mass of rust.  After .wire brushing and a long soak in evaporate, it is now mostly rust free.  

My my question is when new we're these painted? 

I've only seen them in flat black.  Grill paint should work fine.


If your hands and under arms are bleeding, your beer bottle might not have a twist off cap.

Yes they were painted or coated from the factory.  Most, including myself have refurbished them with BBQ paint but originally they had a semi gloss coating of some sort on them.  Click image for larger version - Name: 2CF220D4-2611-4765-B3DB-D49E4CAD397B.jpeg, Views: 79, Size: 102.18 KB Click image for larger version - Name: BF026BE5-AB93-4618-B638-7C5EAA117655.jpeg, Views: 82, Size: 91.24 KB
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You can get the same semigloss effect from using the flat grill paint, and rubbing it with a clean clothes once the paint has dried. 
I’ve had a couple NOS. I’d call it semi-flat, but it’s a judgement call. If it’s not a shelf queen, one use and it won’t matter.
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Thanks.  Looks like some kind of flatish blackish high-tempish paint is called for.  And I'm more interested in preservation rather than use.  Just want to stop the damn rust from taking over. This is hard to do in my area of north carolina......
I have one in almost perfect condition and to my eyes it is bluing but I'm no expert.
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