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I went about an hour east yesterday to fill my humidor with cheap cigars and then went north to my honey hole in southern Michigan. I found this 500A size buggy heater with a stove inside for $32. The 502 size is common to find but the larger ones are kind of rare. 

500A Buggy Heater.jpg 
Moses D Yoder/Mose/Mo
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Moses,  nice score on the 502, I have never seen a buggy heater before.  pretty cool.

The F.N.G.
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I got one of those a few years ago on a trip to Michigan to visit relatives.  Mine was the same deal, a buggy heater with a with a 500 stove for I think about $30.
I love the 500 but I haven't found much use for the buggy heater.
Great Score!
Kool Moses where does the night heater go
On the buggy
Banjoman wrote:
Kool Moses where does the night heater go
On the buggy
in Michigan its also a day heater.......lol

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That would be nice in a shooting house!
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Banjoman wrote:
Kool Moses where does the night heater go
On the buggy

They typically hang on a screw on what I would call the dash board. 
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Cool finds, Mose!

A 500A would be a gem enough for me. The big singles must not have been popular out here.
It's priceless until someone puts a price on it.
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Sweet score!
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I'm glad that you picked that up from Gene Moses. I saw it there and left it because I already have a few. I took it out of the heater box and saw that it was Canadian. If I remember correctly, the date was 1-73?
Super find, IMO.
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Mister Wilson
Yep, that's a nice find.  With all the Amish in my area, and as much as I deal with them, I've never run across one of the buggy heater boxes in any size. 
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Rubing wrote:

They typically hang on a screw on what I would call the dash board.  Click image for larger version - Name: BB68FF6B-EA7B-46F7-8E25-FB528C0443B7.jpeg, Views: 35, Size: 88.05 KB

Quite literally the "dash board".   Dash is the dirt kicked up by the horses hooves.  I've seen the 502 heaters but not a 500.  Good score!
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