200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

Jan made me collect these.
Just doing a tidy up and found all these 9 off .
Know I have more but cant find them yet.
They are all Canadian
The top 2 are good far right is NIB 
6 of them early 1938 straight wire
5/C38 1/D38
The other 3 are
4/54  3/52  3/55
500 stove 001.jpg
Far right NIB   4/54
500 stove collection 002.jpg 
500 stove collection 003.jpg 
Looking down on the NIB one
500 stove collection 005.jpg 
Lamp Doctor Bob  likes the smell of burning kero inside house in BIG TILLEYS.
Its better than taking drugs and cheaper.
very nice collection
I see you have a few 1938
first year the 500 was produced
ICCC 957
Stunning collection of a magnificent stove!!
Those are beautiful! A very nice lineup, and 2 NIB?? Just wow. I think maybe it's the cooler weather that make those breed so well. The heat and humidity here in Alabama seem to be conducive to green suitcase stove breeding. Lol, the shelters are full of them everywhere and nobody will adopt one!
Albertville, Al.
Great looking set of 500's.
It took me quite awhile - and an assist from Roland - to get my one and only  B/38 "L" lever 500,
but here's also a B/39 w/the Plug-in Screw in the burner manifold
Bill H ICCC #1017
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Quite a collection!  Very nice.
- Courtenay
Be Prepared
Very nice collection there!
ICCC # 1402
I firmly believe that one can never have to many 500's ! Well done Bob ! Cheers !
ICC Member #1056
Very nice line up you have there. I've found quite a few myself in the two years I've been addicted. For a while I was beginning to think I was a magnet for them. Mostly though they are of the scruffy variety and I feel sorry for them bring them home then find new homes for them. I think I currently only have a pack of five in my possession with a shiny C38 as the pick of the litter with an adoption pending on one. As best I can I try to keep the whole lot manageable. It's hard though...very hard... [smile]

ps...When you say Jan are you talking ScouterJan the self styled Prime Minister of Canada that frequents this site? If so...quite the enabler there...he started me off pointing me in the wrong direction...or was it the right direction?  lol
Nice bunch. Wishing I can find a early one.
Duane-All seasons, year round backpacker and camper.  So many stoves and lanterns, who's counting.
very nice, i can take some off your hand's if you want.
A very nice collection, Bob. Love the NIB ones.
The early to late 1930's appears to have been popular years for Coleman Canada gpa exports to Australia.

Seasons Greetings!
Yes,... Coleman 500 Speedmasters are quite a bit like "Star Treks' Tribbles"!
Get more *than* two together, and they seem to mulitply!

What a great 500 collection you have AND some with boxes as well!!!! 
500 boxes are like Solus boxes here in BC, ...Hen's teeth!

Can you scan some 500 box labels and post them to this site?

Do you have any painted fount 500s?

Cheers.  *Edited*
ThomasL:-Currently on the lookout for a Canadian(Read Toronto): L227or228 - Big Hat and 249
That's a sweet collection!

ThosKiwi wrote:

Yes,... Coleman 500 Speedmasters are quite a bit like "Star Treks' Tribbles"!
Get more *than* two together, and they seem to mulitply!

Would someone temporarily loan me a couple?   [smile]


Flammable liquids, open flame, what could go wrong?

I've missed you!  But I'm reloading.
SORRY Bob .i think we might be even.i found 1 last fall with the plug in the cast body so I think I am up two 10

Mitakiuye Oyasin " All My Relations"
i got a 500 at a yard sale for 5.00 the guy said it was a heater after i did some research i found out it was a stove i found this sight by googling thanks to mike i got a new genrator for it i pull it out after 2 years of seating it fired right up had some leaks i fixed and i just found the date its a 51 also i heard these stoves were used in korean war mike also help fix my 200 1966 lantren with new parts
25 502s
Welcome to the forum David. You should start a new thread and introduce yourself and show some pics of your stove and lantern. 
not looking for any more Bday gpas. Honestly, if you have a 10-72 don’t let me know about it.
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