200A and 202 reproduction
frames back
in stock.

No nickel, but lots of chrome! A guy stopped by this morning and was interested in my Dodge Power Wagons. He was driving a 1963 red Ford Fairlane with a factory 427 dual quad, stock cast headers (rare) 4 speed. This was one of those stripped down, no frills meant for racing ones. No hood, but he has a fiberglass one and front fenders and rear trunk lid back at home. We talked for quite awhile and then took me for a ride... WOW. Something like 510HP. I forgot to take photos as I was mesmerized. He was on a bit of a shake down run monitoring water temp and oil pressure.

He would punch it and front end would raise way up!
Very nice guy and works for Trek bicycles, of which I have 2.
I'll post some pics if he sends me some.

My 1964 Dodge Power Wagon Town Wagon... in better days.
Boy, I say boy... you're about to exceed the limitations of my medication.
- Foggy
Sounds like a great time!
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Gotta love a 427, whether it’s a ford or chev.
4spd with 4.10 or 4.11’s in the rear and you’re screaming off the line!
WTB or trade for poultry or USFS.
Bumpkin 95
Ford 427 is a goooooood time.
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